Your Latest Guide To The Crypto Social Networks

Social networks are now a step ahead, and they have reached the crypto world. These networks are dedicated to Bitcoin and other emerging cryptocurrencies, just as we have for our interactions. Social networks devoted to these cryptocurrencies are growing in number. A thing that makes them unique is they run on blockchains rather than a centralized group of networks. That is why crypto social networks are decentralized. Several startups are coming with their social media, and crypto enthusiasts are now approaching them to know more. In this article, we will peek into these cryptocurrency social networks. So, let’s get started!

Crypto Social Networks And Their Names

A cryptocurrency social network is social media powered by blockchain. Most frequently, the blockchain taken comes from Ethereum as it could be applied to create Dapps, decentralized applications for several purposes. Such social media platforms can share crypto news and updates besides letting you interact with crypto enthusiasts. The ones we are having from third-party companies could get manipulated easily. For example, a company may delete a crypto post going viral. Through a crypto social media platform, we have the freedom to post anything as posts are not monitored by the founder. It is a new trend in the social media domain. 

Within two or three years, we have observed random blastings happening in the crypto world. Earlier, YouTube removed some crypto videos describing them as dangerous or irrelevant content. Many crypto enthusiasts called for decentralized social media at that time. Other platforms may or may not delete the crypto content, there is no guarantee at all. Some crypto companies learnt the issues, and they produced the best social media platforms in the crypto world. These social media networks are going to disrupt Facebook, Twitter, and others. Below, let’s learn about some of the best crypto social media platforms. 

1. Sapien.Network is a social media platform that describes itself to be an alternative to Facebook and Google. The platform operates on the Ethereum blockchain and can be used to share democratized crypto news and updates. Its founders have no motive to earn profits but share what holds value at the end of the day. Millions of crypto enthusiasts joined Sapien.Network within a few months. is all set to bring a brighter future for the people as well as the cryptos. The importance of accuracy and transparency is not reduced as they hold much more rate in both worlds. 

2. is going viral these days because the platform is built in its own blockchain, the Steemit blockchain. The blockchain is a decentralized rewarding platform in itself. Steemit takes many of the features from Reddit. An approach to be like Reddit in the crypto world is smart enough to be accepted by the users. Reddit is even before Facebook, Twitter, and others when it comes to sharing crypto forums and updates. Several crypto communities reside here. Steemit rewards users for their contributions to the crypto world. You will not find such happening with the social media platforms we are using today.  

3. has a unique approach to make things work. It is a customizable platform that works primarily on the idea of following. At present, there are more than 70000 users and the number is expected to grow by 2021. implements AI algorithms to search for the most interested users based on their comments and other reactions. Also, the Action Points get converted to SOL tokens that drive the platform’s economy. The more comments people generate, the more SOL tokens are produced. Every participant can make money while using It undoubtedly defines the future of social media. 

What Future Lies For These Platforms?

The future is bright for these social media networks in the next coming months. People want to get rewarded for what they share and how they interact. When more platforms would emerge, blockchains could expand and penetrate our deeper aspects of life. Blockchain-powered social media platforms could give rise to digital marketing services at another level. Many social media platforms work on the Ethereum blockchain, which is a good thing for crypto. Payment services could integrate with these platforms and make transactions faster and more efficient than ever. A crypto boost like such on social media platforms is desirable. 


Crypto social networks are the trendsetters for platforms trying to bring people together in the crypto world. Besides them, many companies are entering the crypto domain. Amazon has allowed Bitcoin purchase from its Amazon Pay. Of course, you can buy Bitcoin with Amazon Pay and many other platforms. Crypto social media platforms are making it easy for people to earn rewards without breaking much sweat. Now, they are also looking to enter the payment domain. In the future, it would be handy via these platforms to transfer funds or cryptos. They would redefine the future of payments further.

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