Why Your Product Should be in 3 Side Seal Pouches

These flat pouches are sealed on their three sides and one left open for filling. The 3 side seal pouches have more packaging capacity than others because they are made from a one-piece film. This makes them lightweight compared those rigid packaging products

They are light in weight, adding a negligible weight to the product compared to the rigid packaging products. The 3 side seal pouches Australia could be the ideal packaging for your products, helping product stay until the customer opens the packaging.

Uses of 3-Side Seal Pouches

The 3-side seal pouches are a popular style for packaging both food and non-food items. Food items include ground coffee, spices, green peas, meat, chips-snacks, liquid, and similar products. Non-food items include beauty cream, drugs, toys, seeds, and more. 

Why Choose the3-Side Seal Pouch?

When it comes to product packaging, select the 3 side seal pouches for the following good reasons:

Multipurpose and reusability. The flat pouch allows you to close, open and re-close the sachet any time you want. This multi-use feature makes it reusable as you can use it after the initial usage. In addition, you can use it to package a variety of products.

Reduce wastage. Since the 3-side seal flat pouch is multipurpose, it helps reduce the waste disposal rate related with single-use sachets. The reduced carbon print makes it less harmful to the environment.

Sustainable. The 3-side seal flat pouch is economical because it remains in good shape as you use it for a longer period. This is sustainable to your business as you choose this style to package your products.

The Best Material for a Resealable 3 Side Seal Pouch

The 3 side seal pouches are typically designed from layered thermoplastics, which are bonded together by an adhesive substance like vinyl acetate. Before the materials can be used in the manufacturing process, they must pass through a quality assessment.

The qualities of the chosen materials are:

  • Have strong structural strength
  • Fully comply with health and safety measures put in place for the materials
  • Good temperature tolerance
  • Ability to protect against external factors, including light, moisture, bacteria, dust, etc.

You may pick up to four film material laminations that best suit the packaging needs of your products.

Features of 3 Side Seal Bag

The 3-side seal flat pouch is similar to a 4-side seal bag in shape. The main difference is that the front and back panels of the 3 side seal bag are sealed on 3 sides and resealable and folded on 1 side. In general, the bottom side of the bag is folded, allowing the pouch to flex so that the products can settle at the bottom properly.

The other main features of the 3 side seal pouches are:

  • Safe for human use as they are free of bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Have a barrier property to prevent outside elements from making their way inside
  • Made from various laminated material film such as foil, aluminum, PET, nylon, etc.

Surface Finish Options 

There are two types of surface finish for the 3-side seal pouches. The surface finish option you use for your product, depends on what you want to achieve:

Matte Finish. This finish exudes a level of professionalism. Matte finish has a smooth, dull but elegant surface treatment. It is not too shiny, so it does not have a blinding effect to the user, particularly in sunlight. It provides great printing surface for texts and images, making it is easier to read font on matte 3 side seal pouches.

Glossy Finish. A glossyfinish has a shiny and slightly textured look on the outer layer of the pouch. It is waterproof and attractive, making it easily stand out in a shelf. If you plan to have colourful design on your 3-side seal flat pouch, the glossy finish is a suitable option. The glossy background helps enhance the prints, giving them a brighter image. It is also great when you are introducing a new product in the market, as it can easily attract customers.

Add-On Features

It is possible to request the manufacturer for extra features to add to your 3 side seal pouches, to fulfill a specific need. The features can improve pouch appearance, as well as increase ease of use or convenience. Some of the features to choose are:

Hang Holes.They allow for displaying the flat pouches through hanging on the shelves, which is ideal for pouches that cannot stand on their own. In addition, this feature can help save on space on the display rack or delivery box.

One-way Vent. The vent allows movement from the pouch one direction outwards. Is typical with a flat pouch used to package products known to release gas for some time. The one-way vent helps with aromatic marketing of products for example, coffee, degassing the pouch to avoid bursting.

Handles.The handle feature is there to make transportation and dispensing of 3 side seal pouches smooth and convenient.

Zippers. These make the 3-side seal flat pouches reusable because you can open and close them at your convenience. Some pouches may be fixed with a sliding clip that is movable from end to end for opening and closing. They can also be fitted with a double plastic track that interlocks when pressed to close.

Tear Notches. This feature is done on the film by cutting small broken lines, which createsa tear when opening the pouch.This enables opening of the 3-side seal flat pouch easy and neat.

Hook to Hook Closure.It is a closure add-on that produces sound when you open and close the pouch.

Sprouts. For easy dispensing of liquid or powdered products, you can have your 3 side seal pouches fixed with sprouts. This also reduces wastage due to spillage.

Rounded Corners. In general, the resealable 3 side seal bags have sharp edges from the cuttings. The edges may cause injury to users when handling the pouches such as kids. To prevent injuries from happening, you can have the edges of your pouch to be round for a smooth and safe finish.

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