What Is IVD POCT and How Does It Work?

The modern healthcare sector must increase productivity, decrease waste, and streamline processes. Through  these issues can be addressed. This cutting-edge technique, also known as molecular testing, enables doctors to use samples to rapidly and safely detect diseases without the need for any intrusive procedures. Essentials shirt

Introdution to IVD POCT

IVD (In Vitro Diagnosis) refers to products and services that identify illnesses or physical processes outside of the human body by using clinical diagnosis data from human samples (blood, body fluids, and tissue fluids). POCT is also a prominent subfield of in vitro diagnostics.

How does the POCT process work?

The term “point-of-care testing” (POCT) refers to a method of diagnosing medical conditions that can be performed by medical professionals right away, frequently without the use of a laboratory. IVD POCT can be used to check for illnesses or to check the results of other diagnostic tests. Compared to lab procedures, they are frequently faster and less expensive.

Point-of-care testing is essential because it enables doctors to diagnose and treat patients more quickly and effectively. They can also provide the most vulnerable patients with better care. A few of the specimens used in point-of-care tests include blood, urine, saliva, and tissue samples.

Point-of-care Through testing, doctors can quickly and efficiently evaluate a patient’s blood, urine, or saliva for several ailments. Typically, the doctor asks the patient if they would be willing to participate in a test before beginning the treatment. Depending on the test, the patient may be required to submit a sample either directly from their body or using an instrument for collection, like a swab. After the sample is collected, it is submitted to a lab for analysis.


Point-of-care testing is growing in popularity in the healthcare industry for a good reason. By employing tests that are sent directly to your doctor’s office or clinic, you can avoid long wait times and potentially deadly issues. For example, automated¬†like Accre-8 do not require additional consumables when used, are not only easy to operate, but also have an accurate quality control system, which is very user-friendly and reliable. If you need extra expert information regarding IVD POCT, don’t hesitate to contact Wondfo. Essentialsshop


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