What is a Hoverboard, and how much does it cost

Many modern people have come across such a concept as a “hoverboard,” but not everyone knows what it is, its price, and where you can buy such a miracle of technology. Nevertheless, leading companies worldwide are working on a futuristic mode of transport. So far, Hoverboard is considered the latest development for individual movement.

What is meant by Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are called one- or two-wheeled electric hoverboards. However, the very concept of such a vehicle is a board that can move at a small height above the ground due to magnetic force.

The concept of Hoverboard fit boards that are driven by jet or propeller motors. Also called hoverboards are hydraulically controlled devices. That can rise 6 to 10 meters above the surface of the water and move due to water jet nozzles.

For the first time, the idea of a “hovering board” – this is how “Hoverboard” can be translated from English, was shown in parts 2 and 3 of the science fiction film Back to the Future, popular at the end of the 20th century, directed by Robert Zemeckis. On such an “air skate, ” the trilogy’s hero, Marty McFly, rushes through the city streets.

In the late 1980s, such a device had yet to be developed. However, the idea of bringing it to life could have been better in theoretical terms. UK Segboards accelerated the process of creating the Hoverboard because Zemeckis exaggerated a little in one of the interviews, telling reporters that the “hovering boards” had already been developed. However, parents’ fears about the safety of such “skates” prevented Mattel, whose logo was applied to the Hoverboard in the film, from mass production of the vehicle.

A little later, the director had to admit his joke officially. After that, Mattel’s office was inundated with letters from Americans asking about the start date of serial sales of “floating boards” and their cost.

What are hoverboards

The most straightforward and affordable alternative to hoverboards is hoverboards. These devices are available both with one wheel located in the center of the foot platform and with two wheels located at the edges of the “board.”

All vehicles of this type are united by the fact. That they are driven by an electric drive powered by onboard batteries. The “pilot” controls the movement by balancing the body of his body. To maintain balance in the process of moving, wheeled Hoverboards are equipped with a rather complex system of gyroscopes on the lower plane of the platform.

The price of hoverboards, how can I buy

There are many models of wheeled Hoverboards from various global companies on the domestic market. However, most of them are produced at manufacturing plants in UK.

Hoverboard Fixiboard Verta

One of the most popular and budget models of hoverboards. Children’s Hoverboard with a maximum load capacity of 60 kg. The device weighs only 5.7 kg. The top speed of the Hoverboard is 10 km/h; its battery capacity is 2200 mAh. Wheel diameter – 112 mm.

The scooter is waterproof and has built-in Bluetooth. The market cost of “UK Segboards” starts from £1,599.99.


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