water slide in california That Will Make Your Jaw Drop


 Summer Fun:

Speaking of mind-blowing, it can be argued that summer is best spent on a raft with a tube and a cold drink. Or, if you’re like me, spending endless hours by your private pool/hot tub. So here are some amazing water slide in california  that are bound to make you want to grab your swimsuit and book plane tickets for an epic road trip:


Surfing is California’s state sport, and with good reason. The waves on our coast are some of most legendary in all of North America, especially on such beaches as Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay and Malibu. Check out Big Kahuna’s water  water slide in california in Huntington Beach to get a taste of riding down a lagoon-style wave or go surfing at Silver Strand State Beach near Oxnard for world-class breaks. If you live on Southern California’s south side, check out three spots at Bolsa Chica State Beach just be aware that it gets crowded here as locals come out to play.

 Theme Parks:

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a theme park located between Los Angeles and San Francisco, close to Valencia. It’s home to eighteen roller coasters, including Superman: Ride of Steel the world’s tallest and fastest. As well as other rides like Ninja and Apocalypse, water slide in california which take you into dark caves with super-bright effects that are guaranteed to get your heart pounding! Then there are rides for everyone from kids (Scooby Doo Island) to thrill seekers   Best time: mid-March through early November.

Lazy Rivers:

From a strong current that propels you along to canals you can canoe through, there are all kinds of ways to cool off at one of California’s amazing water parks. The best part? You don’t even have to swim. From lazy rivers that meander through parks to wave pools with artificial waves made for surfing, most  water slide in california visitors spend their time sitting or lounging about, leaving plenty of room for everyone else. So grab some sunscreen and head to one of these 10 amazing water parks in Northern and Southern California. While we love these places, our list is by no means exhaustive there are plenty more great places out there!

 Hot Dogs:

When summer heats up, don’t sweat it. Instead, seek out a refreshing dip at one of California’s many  water slide in california With four hot dogs in your belly and sun kissed skin on your back, you won’t even remember how miserable it was walking to work or slaving over that latest project. Let’s be honest; you probably deserve to sit back and relax for a little bit. You know what they say—all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! So with that being said…grab a hot dog (or two), soak up some sun, and float on a lazy river for that perfect summer’s day at one of these mind-blowing water parks in California!

 Ice Cream:

Nothing makes you feel like a kid again quite like diving into an ice cream cone. So, head to one of these  water slide in california for your next round of summer fun. Some are old-school, some are new, but all will get you sopping wet and feeling carefree:   Doheny State Beach, Dana Point  Camp Pendleton North Belmont Park  Knott’s Soak City  Raging Waters   Gilroy Gardens   Six Flags Hurricane Harbor 8.) San Diego Wild Animal Park  Great Wolf Lodge  Schlitterbahn

 Mini Golfing:

Grab a hotdog, soak up the sun, and float on a lazy river for the perfect summer’s day at one of California’s mind-blowing  water slide in california Before you head out to your favorite water park, be sure to check their website for hours of operation and any season pass deals. Looking for discounts? Check Groupon or LivingSocial for deals on tickets and other fun-in-the-sun activities; it might pay to book ahead!

 Swimming Pools:

Most people are pretty familiar with traditional swimming pools, but there’s a whole other world of pool experiences out there. In fact, you may find yourself wondering How do I swim with sharks?!? or How can I chillax and float around like a fish?  water slide in california there are several water parks that offer some wild aquatic fun. Read on to learn about ten of them.

Wave Pool:

There are a variety of pool options, but none quite so thrilling as one designed specifically to be ridden on. Imagine bobbing through a huge pool that’s been decorated with artificial waves. These can range from small, rippling currents to huge walls of water that reach up to 7 feet tall. Often they are found alongside othe water slide in california featuring slides and twisty turns, making for an all-around fantastic way to spend a summer day splashing around with family and friends.

 White Water Rafting:

Rafting is an excellent sport that allows you to get a workout and to enjoy some of nature’s wonders. Rafting doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are many companies that offer inexpensive rafting trips all over America. Two day trips start at $100, but there are also local guide services available where you can rent your own equipment and go at your own pace. The best time to go rafting is in spring when water levels are high from snow melt or after rainfall. From running rapids and splashing into waves, white water rafting provides tons of fun for your body as well as your mind!

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