Unique Needs for Patients with Dialysis Fistulas in Albuquerque

Stent placement Albuquerque

If you are undergoing hemodialysis due to the need for a dialysis fistula, you may have wondered if there are any specific types of stents that can help improve your quality of life as well as make sure your fistula continues to work properly. Luckily, there are several Albuquerque patients who have undergone stent placement, and they can share their experiences with how this has helped them lead happier and healthier lives. Let’s discuss some of these stories.

3 Common Causes of Dialysis Fistula Failure

One of the most common causes of fistula failure is stent blockage. A dialysis catheter can become blocked by plaque, tissue growth, or other foreign material. If a stent becomes obstructed during hemodialysis, there won’t be adequate flow through your fistula and back into your body, causing complications. Another common cause of fistula failure is an acute infection.

How do you know if your Fistula is Leaking?

When your dialysis fistula is leaking, excess fluid and protein are present in your bloodstream. This causes symptoms such as swelling and chills, despite being on hemodialysis treatments. If you notice that any of these symptoms are occurring more often than normal, you may have a leaky fistula. To avoid complications from leaks, it’s important to monitor your fistula closely and contact a doctor if you notice any changes or issues.

4 Tips for Successfully Managing a Leaky Dialysis Fistula

If you’re living with a leaky dialysis fistula, there are several factors to consider that can help you manage your situation and achieve long-term success. For example: (1) Take care of your stent. The stent is responsible for maintaining a steady flow through your dialysis fistula, so keeping it clean and free from infection is vital.

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