Trends and Fashion in Men’s Shirts

On the other hand, there are people who like to wear shirts. There is no problem with this practice. These people should avoid T-shirts. Ten years ago, thin T-shirts were a fashion fad. However, they did not have an identity

A new trend in shirt material

Typically, both natural and artificial fibers are used to make shirts. Cotton is an example of natural fiber. And polyester is an example of artificial fiber. Cotton should be more expensive and of better quality.

On the other hand, the main advantage of polyester is its cost-effectiveness. It is mostly used to make men’s shirts. In addition to the material of the shirt, special silk made of metal should be mentioned. This white metal silk shirt is perfect for special occasions and jobs.

So you want to make a custom shirt. But you don’t want to pay too much for your order? Don’t worry, this guide has all the information you need to design a custom shirt that won’t cost you much.

If not, there is a new product for you! 

Accurately describes the costs associated with both screen printing and digital printing buttons. This will help you to understand the following ingredients in depth.

Colour is very important

If you plan to order the right size (such as 12 or more custom shirts), having fewer colors in your design will help make your order cheaper. Because when there are so many orders, you can choose to put your own designs on the shirt for screen printing.

Screen printing is the cheapest printing cost. But no matter how much color is added to your design, they are expensive to prepare. Only 1 color setting will be cheaper and you will not have to pay extra to print your shirt. If you have more than one color, it is more expensive to set up and damage your wallet than one colour print.

In general, if your design has more than one color (for example, 5 or more), the screen printing settings are usually too large and the printer prefers to print your design digitally. It costs nothing to set up digital printing and allows unlimited design colors. But the cost of printing each time is much higher than the cost of screen printing.

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In general, if you plan to order 12 or more custom shirts, make sure your design uses only one or two solid colors to save on printing costs. If you order a short shirt (less than 12), feel free to get as many levels and colors as you visit us want in your design. Probably a custom T-shirt with digitally printed shirts. Please see our guide for color suggestions.

The colour of the shirt is important

Darker shirts cost more than light-colored shirts. The reason behind this is that the darker fabric needs a color palette to accurately see the colors of the fabric. The paint is applied down. Then the exact color of your design will be applied to that color. Many screen printers call this process “flash” and make each print less costly.

If your design requires digital printing, digital printing on dark colored shirts is often impossible. This means that if your design uses different colors (5 or more), print it on a light colored shirt. If you want to print on a dark shirt, it must be printed on the screen, and the cost of heavy setup makes the total cost much higher than printing on a lightly colored shirt.

Printing your design on a simple shirt is usually cheaper than printing in dark colors (note, simple shirts are often cheaper than dark shirts).

The number of publications is also important.

If you only have one design on the front, you only need one print on the shirt. If you have other designs, you may want to leave them behind. You will need two prints on your shirt. If there is someone else on the sleeve, you will need to print three shirts.

Every print job on your shirt costs money. So limit the number of places you plan to publish. Shirt printers usually match the print in the 12 ‘x 18’ category, so design your custom shirt at that size to avoid additional charges.

If you have other questions, a custom sewing company representative can help you design your designs in the highest quality and most affordable price.

To save money, 

make sure that your design uses small colors and is printed on a simple colored shirt. I hope this guide has helped you understand the relationship between your custom t-shirt design and the costs involved.

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