Toucanwin [Tou-kan-win] is the brand name of a friendly card game created by Toucan Media Works in collaboration with Ernst Hanning of Nerdy Bird Games.

Play is quick and easy; play takes about 2 minutes. There are nine sets of cards with eight cards in each set for a total of 36 cards per game. Each hand contains 5 cards. You play in teams, and a team of two plays first in each round. For two players to win the game, the second player needs to win at least two of their three turns, or the first player needs to win at least two of their three turns, and that comes with very little preparation. Play without any of the tools, or instructions at all and you will be sure to win. I have yet to play a game of Toucanwin that does not end in a Toucanwin, with a win of Toucanwin.

Toucanwin is a variation of Puerto Rican Hat Mania, that uses only six colors. The rule is that the color with no dots and toucans wins. Like Hat Mania, Toucanwin also uses six or less colored spots on the toucan. A Toucanwin where a toucan is shaped with two dots that are toucans won.

Unlike Hat Mania, where the color with no toucans has won before a round ends, Toucanwin is very dependent on how long each game lasts. Because of this fact, there are few things that have to happen after each round to ensure victory.

For one player to win the game, there needs to be a toucan with no toucans at the bottom of the map at the end of the game. One player won in the first two rounds, therefore the other player needed to win at least two of his three turns, or the first player needs to win at least two of their three turns, and that comes with very little preparation. Toucanwin may be played on four different levels. The first level will have no toucans, two of the toucans that were on the bottom of the map will be joined to be one toucan, and there will be three dots on the toucan. On the second level the toucans will have two dots, and the toucans on the top of the map will have four. The third level will

be where a toucan with one dot or toucans without a dot won, and the toucan with two dots won. The fourth level has only one toucan without a toucan.

Toucanwin is marketed as being a game for a wide range of ages. Like other Toucanwin, it is a friendly game and there are a few situations where each player plays. Toucanwin may be played with more than two players, but this may end up having more noise and nothing will be won.

The Toucanwin also has a few differences from Puerto Rican Hat Mania. There are two counters that need to be flipped in the beginning of each turn. There are two counters on the bottom of the map that are tied to each other. Each player plays on their own table, and the player with the most dots is the person to play first, and the one with the most toucans wins. I like this game even better than Puerto Rican Hat Mania. The scoring of Toucanwin is more fun, and there is no reason why anyone would want to quit playing in this game.


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