7 Tips to consider before hiring an Android App Developer

Android is among the most popular mobile operating systems, having carved a niche by providing consumers with certain superior perks. According to the research, Android accounts for over 85% of all smartphone sales.

Many consumers spend 87 percent of their time on applications. This predicts an increase in the demand for mobile apps, which will increase the need for mobile app developers.

Opting to outsource android application development services can assist you with a variety of tasks. Apart from coding, mobile app developers can help startups, mid-sized businesses, and enterprises with various other tasks.

Suppose you want to create a mobile application for your business. In that case, you must ensure that you employ an android developer with a solid track record, years of experience, and domain expertise.

Let us examine the following suggestions for assembling the ideal team of Android app developers for your business:

Choose Experienced Resources

It is advisable to choose experienced developers since they will be aware of changing market dynamics, cutting-edge tools and technologies, and potential problems and consumer preferences. Therefore, it is prudent to review the portfolio part of any top mobile app development agency’s website to see if it has expertise in developing Android applications. Additionally, an experienced development team may tailor the app to your business’s particular needs.

Identify their technology snack prowess

Before selecting any mobile application development firm, businesses must inquire about the technological stacks on which they build mobile apps. To ensure that you obtain high-quality and effective services, you should constantly verify that the business utilizes cutting-edge technologies and methods, such as the agile development methodology.

Hiring people who understand business and not just code

Employ mobile application developers invested in your company strategy, not just in the mobile application development work at hand. One of the key things to consider before hiring an android app developer is that you must be guided through the development process and benefit from their fresh, innovative ideas.

A creative developer understands what works best for your application, having worked with several customers in a similar sector.

Go for a Full Stack Developer

Database administration and maintenance are critical for mobile applications since they rely on such databases for various functions. If the developer you hired is unfamiliar with database administration, you will need to employ a separate database administrator for the task. It may increase your expenses. It is preferable to hire a full-stack developer who is knowledgeable about database administration and has expertise working with a certain domain.

Expertise in a user interface (UI) and material design is a must as end-users favour visually appealing applications over those with subpar visuals. Thus, developers must be skilled in creating a better user interface that uses colour, texture, and design. Additionally, the developer should be well-versed in the many libraries accessible on the Android platform. These may be useful for altering the app’s features or functions throughout the development stage. Additionally, by integrating material design, applications may become sturdier, fast-loading, smart, and professional-looking.

Know their development team

Look for an Android development team that claims to deliver services in the creation of the Android app. Numerous organizations and brands have noticed that brands engage freelancing employees for app development without previous customer information. To meet this problem, you should contact the development members of the team and ask about their team while recruiting app developers.

Understand their involvement in Post-development Support 

Before choosing a mobile app development firm, you should discuss post-development tasks like support and maintenance, app testing, and bug patches with your developers. When you hire dedicated android app developers, ensure you have an experienced mobile app developer with flawless app and post-development assistance.

Comprehensive Open-Source Knowledge

Because Android is an open-source platform, developers have the freedom to create applications that are tailored to their users’ requirements, making it critical for developers to have a firm grasp on these open-source platforms. Thus, one should seek out Android application development firms that are conversant with developing open-source libraries. Check cartoon torrents.


The recruitment of an android developer is important to ensure that the app development project proceeds well and is completed without obstacles and problems. If you follow these guidelines before hiring Android developers, you probably won’t have any issues throughout the app development. The demands of diverse mobile app developers are quite simple to get carried away or overwhelmed. In this situation, assessing and selecting the correct mobile app development firm is a key step for your enterprise. How much the dream of your app becomes a stunning truth is largely in the hands of your developer.

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