Tips on How to Learn Russian as a Second Foreign Language

Learning Russian as a foreign language is a super-hard task for people who never studied the Indo-European languages. It is a Slavic language with the Cyrillic alphabet and with the roots of the Greek language. Greeks can not speak Russian because the influence of the language has spread on the vocabularly only. Comparing Russian to the other European language is not easy as the languages are based on Latin.

Studying Russian as a foreign language for your academic paper or other study purposes requires knowledge of pronunciation, grammar, vocabularly while managing writing, speaking, and other communicative skills, picking up some free Russian lessons can really help with this. Finally, when you decided to start learning Russian as the second foreign language, others might find it hard to complete. That is why we have prepared for you the best tips and courses to attend while learning Russian towards language fluency.

Benefits of Learning Russian

You may find it challenging to explain to your friends and colleagues why you want to study Russian. There is a list of the most obvious advantages you get when you know how to speak Russian –

● Broad your cultural views. There is so much bias about the Russian language, culture, and politics. Knowing the language will help you know the truth about these biases. Besides this, you can start which famous Russian movies without subtitles and voiceover. It is a great window to the culture. Pushkin, Dostoevski, and other great Russian writers will be reachable for you if you learn how to read.

● Train your brain and memory. Speaking many foreign languages can promote brain activity and improve memory as well as its activity in old age. It also influences positively problem-solving and critical skills.

● Russian is effective for business and traveling. Knowing Russian at a fluent level can boost your career. It is great when you work with the Easters European countries because lots of the people there speak Russian. It is nice for traveling in Russia as well because the natives don’t speak foreign languages.

How to Boost Russian as a Second Language

There are hundreds of ways to learn Russian online, and among them, there are efficient and less useful ways. Take a look at the hand-picked and efficient ones –

Find a Tutor
You can learn Russian as a foreign language on your own, but it will not be that fun without a professional Russian tutor. Tutors can help you build a strategy for your Russian learning and make the process simple. The teacher will guide you throughout the steps of studying and show you the quickest way of working vocabularly.

Communication is crucial when learning the Russian language, the teacher will be your first language buddy, who can correct your pronunciation and other skills.

Interact More with Native Speakers

Communication is the key when learning any language. The Russian language is not an exception as well, that is why you have to speak more often with the natives. We know that some of the people who learn a foreign language are afraid to speak out in the language they are learning.

Having this kind of issue is common and to ease the process you have to speak with the person you trust. It can be your friend on the person who speaks Russian fluently. Interacting with people from another society helps understand the culture and inner motives, great ideas, and desires.

Watch More Movies & Listen to the Podcasts

Multimedia and software are a very up-to-date way to study the Russian language as a second foreign language. Except for apps and pricey discs with the material, you can watch more movies. It is a cheap way to improve your communication, listening skills and vocabularly.

Let us check some of the most popular streaming services to help you with learning Russian –

● Netflix

● Ororo


There you can find the series and popular Russian movies: classical, trillers, etc. Podcasts are also nice tools for Russian learning find some cool podcasts to enjoy while learning grammar, for example.

Bottom Line

Russian as a second foreign language is something you really can learn in case you practice a lot and patiently follow our guide. Thankfully, there are many more tips that can be applied to the task try to find them all to fast your learning

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