Thorough and efficient cleaning of the kitchen

It is estimated that around 10 million cases of food poisoning occur in the UK each year. About 80% of cases are related to bacteria and viruses from pets, humans, raw food and water. It should be noted that small contacts of these bacteria and viruses can be treated by our body’s immune system. Only when there are large numbers of bacteria and viruses do they become harmful. All of these are the result of improper handling, storage, cleaning or emptying of food and poor hygiene in a critical area like the kitchen. It should be clear why it is so important to clean and maintain the kitchen.

Gathering and preparing all the tools and cleaning supplies is our first step in cleaning the kitchen. Preparing supplies in the carry-on box makes our work much faster and saves time searching for them at home. The goal is to enter and exit completely clean.

Create a cleaning strategy to increase productivity and consistency.

Choose which area you start from and try not to go back or delete anything twice. I work counter-clockwise in the kitchen, cleaning everything thoroughly before moving on to the next area. As long as you don’t mess up, you can finish in half the time.

The wardrobe is usually the first area I start. Cleaning out your wardrobe is easy if you work from top to bottom. All-purpose cleaners generally do a good job on cabinets and any sticky areas or dust you may have in there. The actual cabinet doors can sometimes collect dust and dirt in the crevices, so you may want to wipe down the area occasionally with an all-purpose cleaner and a cleaning cloth.

There are many products available for desktops.

The problem is that not all work surfaces can use the same cleaning agent and some can be damaged by the rubbing of the cleaning agent. It is recommended that you first consult the manufacturer’s recommendations to see which products you can use. In general, an all-purpose cleaner works just as well as a specialty cleaner and I use it often. In case of heavy stains on the work surfaces, a mild abrasive cleaner should be used with a suitable cleaning agent.

A sink often needs at least two different cleaners; Universal cleaner for wiping faucets and powder cleaner for cleaning waterless handles and sinks. Always start at the edge of the sink, then go over the faucets and then down to the actual sink itself. As in most fields, we always want to work from the top down. It’s a simple, strategic approach to cleaning so that we never fall behind or get lost in cleaning. There are some places in the sink that you won’t find, such as the small grooves around the drain. and even sometimes around the bottom of the faucet. In these areas, I recommend using an old toothbrush to clean out any dirt that may be hiding in these crevices. When you are finished Rengøringshjælp the sink, always rinse it with hot water.

As with other kitchen appliances,

it always starts with the refrigerator from top to bottom. Dust often accumulates on the top of the refrigerator, so clean this area thoroughly. After dusting the top, apply an all-purpose cleaner to a soft cleaning cloth and work your way up and down the outside of the fridge. Universal cleaner can also be used for stainless steel refrigerators. The inside of the refrigerator should also be wiped periodically with a cloth lightly saturated with white distilled vinegar to prevent mold growth.

Cleaning the oven can often be one of the more difficult cleaning jobs, but it’s not particularly difficult. An all-purpose cleaner is usually suitable for the oven, which removes all the stains that have accumulated over time. Wipe the exterior with an all-purpose cleaner, working from back to front. Remove one side of the grill and place it on the other side. Remove any excess debris that may be hanging around, then clean the burn area with an all-purpose cleaner. Sometimes food has severe stains or burns that require a slightly stronger cleaner. Apply a very small amount of powder detergent to the area and rub gently with an abrasive sponge. Be sure to clean both sides of the grill before getting to the burner controls.

The area around the burner controls

must be thoroughly wiped with a universal cleaner. Next, you want to remove the button by pulling it straight out. Clean up the area behind the handles and switch them back to drawing order. The last area to clean is the front window.

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