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Four reasons agencies should engage insocial listening

2020isan incredible year of transformation.It is becoming increasingly clear that the brandswehave come to know and loveare beingcalled uponto play a largerrole in shaping the worldthat welive in.

More than ever ,agenciesrequire a new wayto listen.As we showed inourlatest industry reportagencies that use social listeningcan help their clients generatemore value, understandtheirmarketand createmore engagingwork.Conversely, agencies that choosetodo nothingarebeing forced to use thefamiliar heuristics and instinctsby themselves.

Are you stillnot convinced?Here are four reasons youragencyshould consider investing in social mediaright now.

1. Finding valuable consumer insights

Inthis hyper-connected age the brands mustbeattentive to their customers their needs, objectives,and preferences.

A good example: themost popular topicthat we covered inthe digital marketing agency report wasinteractionbetweenbrands and consumer insight.Consumers have their own concerns thatagenciesare in a position to address in a way that’s becomingmoreloud than ever.

Conversation Clustersisa user-friendlyvisualization toolthat helps youquickly uncover, understandandvisualise the context surroundingany topic with aglance.

HTML0In conjunction with social listeningdata, agencies are able to helptheirclients in establishingdeeper, more valuable relationshipswith their customers.

Social listeningcan assist agencies in locatinginformation that givesthem anedge.It can be asolution toa problem inan area of a population that is under-represented, or a new angleon a product forthe creative pitch.

For one agency this was a creativeresponse to the recent lockdown craze.Through tapping into the massivepopularity of the videogame Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Ogilvy Toronto delivered oneof the most memorablecollaborations oftheyear.In five consecutive days, gamershad the opportunityto exchange their turnips -one ofthe most valuable elements of the gamefor food – into actual food donations(asum of $20,000 worth).

Ultimately, agencies that use social listening to gather consumer insights are better placed to frame their client’s goods and services in a contextually-relevant way.


Prior to the adventsocial media, the majority of advertisersand communication agencies relied uponlower-end metrics like salesto assess the efficacyon their programs.While there’s nothingincorrect with that,it can be a bitofan instrument that isn’t as effective.

In today’s world, agencies requiremore precise methods of modelingandrecord the valuetheybring totheir clients.By paying attention to social media, itgives your agency morecontrolover campaigns for clientswith immediate feedback from manychannels.Additionally, it allows you to segment into groups, stratify and prioritizechannels thatgive themost relevant information needed.

To start with, forinstance, you will findan overviewof the impact of acampaign, hashtag,orother talking point that includesan engagementmetric , such as thepotential reach.You can theninvestigate further.The ability to concentratethe most valuable data streamsthat come fromFacebook, Instagram, Twitter (plusnumerous otheroffline sources)offers a broadoverview of the way that customers feelabout your brand and how they perceive your.

Being able to identifythe people who are saying what, and -crucially – howtheyconsider your clientswith the help of a software like the analysis of sentiment, providesa greatillustration of how effective typesofsocial listening to feedbackwill help companies stay on top of things.Our study on industry research foundan obvious connection betweenpositive reaction to an advertisementcampaign – Nike’s “You can’tstop Us’ adand sentiment for the agencywhich created it, as aninstance(Wieden+Kennedy).

Topic analyticswill allow you to seerelationships between topics, givingthe user a powerful waytoshow important connections.

3. Crisis management

The voice of the consumer is louderthanthey’ve ever been.Plus, that voicecan be heard across the globe,inreal-time.

You would expect thatcrisis management is an integralpart of listening to social media.Agencies that detect problems whentheyhappen have an advantageover theircompetition.They alsoensure the safety of their clients.

A sound social listening strategyhelps agencies in a wholespectrum of crises management situations.The complaints of defective products can becomereal-time conversations that address problems that are causing concern, collect data, andimprove negative feelings.Unexpected shifts in public opinionare now manageable.Feedback from poorly received creative isa guide to adjust onor, inserious cases take a different direction.

In the end, social listening can helpagenciesbe the guardians of thebrands theycollaboratewith. Ithelps keep clients informedof problems they mightnot have noticed and gives them theinformation needed to createan appropriate and well-informedresponseas a collective.

4. Competitive intelligence

Our agencies industry report exploredthechallenges facing the marketin 2020.As the pandemic throws worldeconomies intouncertainty, agencies areseeking new ways to innovateandsucceed. Competitive intelligence isamongthe ways. Inthe simplest sense, social listening hong kong lets youtap into the most importantconversationsthat people don’t have aboutyou.

Yourcompetitors havetheir own strategies and systemsto achieve success.Likeyou, they’vespenttime and money building them.Through social listening, companiescan participate in discussionsabout how and whyother brands do well:

  • What’s the cause of the viralityof aparticularcampaign?

  • How can brands leveragespecific media to createthebiggestimpact?

  • How can you measure yourselfin comparison to other companies?

With a reliablesocial listeningplatform the competitive intelligence of your customers can beintegrated seamlessly into your go-to-marketstrategy. Without it, your businesswill be compelled to actwithout the right informationto navigate the ever-changingworld.And ifDarwinhas taught us anything is that onlyorganisms that adaptare able to survive.

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