The Quest Diagnostics EHR is an electronic health record designed to help physicians and medical facilities track patient data in a central location. It includes features such as secure messaging and real-time communication with patients. It can also be integrated with other EHR systems. However, before purchasing an EHR, it is important to evaluate your specific needs.


Care360 with Quest Diagnostics EHR is a cloud-based medical record solution designed to improve the collaboration among physicians. Designed for physicians, it includes an electronic health record, practice management, and revenue cycle management. Physicians can take advantage of the 90-day trial period to evaluate the software. After that, subscription rates apply. Care360 is integrated with Quest diagnostics’ lab reporting systems. The Quest portal also includes patient health information and facilitates scheduling at Quest diagnostics patient service centers. This means that patients do not have to wait for their doctor to review their lab reports. They can also check the results of other tests online and view other health information. Care360 has been used by neurologists for more than a year. It began as an ePrescribing system, but in January 2010 it migrated to a full EHR with clinical documentation tools and messaging. It is affiliated with the MetroWest Medical Center and the MetroWest Accountable Health Care Organization, a network of doctors in small practices in the Boston metro area.


Quest Diagnostics EHR is a secure and cloud-based solution that helps health care professionals manage patient information more efficiently and effectively. The EHR features robust security measures and redundant back-up. It also supports mobile devices and enhances quality, productivity, and connectivity. More than 140,000 healthcare locations across the country have access to Quest Diagnostics technology. Quest Diagnostics’ Care360 cloud-based electronic health record system is the leading electronic health record among physician practices, according to a recent survey. This study examined more than 5,700 small medical practices and solo practitioners to determine their overall satisfaction with the EHR. Its platform enables improved provider collaboration, better data sharing, and easier patient access.

IFR stage 1

Quest Diagnostics is the world’s largest diagnostic information provider. Its Care360(TM) Electronic Health Record meets all of the requirements for an EHR Module, IFR Stage 1. It offers comprehensive population health management reports, a robust clinical connectivity network, and easy access to a range of diagnostic tests and services. Quest Diagnostics has been a partner with employers for over 20 years. Quest Diagnostics is a health information technology company that develops and integrates clinical connectivity and healthcare information exchange solutions to improve patient care and health care institutions worldwide. Its Care360 EHR is a web-based solution that allows providers to order laboratory tests online, send e-prescriptions, and document patients’ clinical records. The solution is used by more than 160,000 physicians worldwide. Quest Diagnostics also offers Centergy(TM) and ChartMaxx, two solutions that collect clinical information and provide personalized treatment recommendations.

Access restriction for authorized users

The Quest Diagnostics Care360 EHR can secure clinical summaries and information to patients. Previously known as Gazelle, the Care360 mobile app was launched in 2010. It is now rebranded MyQuest by Care360. Registered users of Gazelle will receive information about the transition to MyQuest by Care360 through the app later this month. The MyQuest by Care360 patient portal is available for free. This EHR solution will be able to manage patient information securely and easily, allowing physicians to access patient data from anywhere. Quest Diagnostics’ Care360(tm) Electronic Health Record (EHR) is certified as an EHR Module by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology. It meets all 14 EHR Module requirements and all 24 EHR requirements. The software was developed by MedPlus, the Quest Diagnostics subsidiary in health information technology.

Integration with Quest’s lab ordering platform

Integration with Quest’s lab ordering platform allows you to easily submit and track lab orders. Once an order is submitted, you can view it in the patient’s Timeline or Quick Preview and see the associated order status. If you need to cancel the order before it is sent, you can click the “Cancel” button. Quest’s lab ordering platform works seamlessly with Healthie. The e-Lab feature allows clients to set up appointments at a Quest lab in their area, then submit the lab order directly to Quest’s labs. This way, the client can avoid the hassle of completing paperwork and navigating through external platforms. Quest labs will process the order in a matter of minutes and the results will be available within 30 days. Inovalon and Quest will demonstrate this solution at HIMSS16. The solution draws on data from two of the largest datasets in the healthcare industry, including Quest’s 20 billion clinical laboratory test results and Inovalon’s clinical database of more than 123 million patients. The integration with Quest’s lab ordering platform is designed to simplify the ordering process for physicians and their practice.

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