The Potential Of Heated Tobacco Products For Harm Reduction

As the popularity of  heated tobacco products  grows, so too is the consideration of its features. This article examines what NUSO heated tobacco products are and discusses their risks and potential for harm reduction.

What are NUSO heated tobacco products?

NUSO heated tobacco is a relatively new product that is quickly gaining in popularity among smokers. It is heated to form the aerosol that is then breathed in by the user. Due to the fact that tobacco is not really burned in this method of smoking, it is less harmful than regular smoking. In addition, smoking NUSO heated tobacco offers a similarly powerful feeling to that of regular tobacco.

How can heated tobacco products be risk-reduced products?

Smoking conventional cigarettes are unhealthy and can lead to cancer as well as other health issues. Because burning tobacco products releases a number of dangerous compounds. According to a study that was published in reputable journals, the chemicals released when tobacco is smoked are what cause the majority of ailments.

By preventing combustion, heated tobacco for smokers lower their risk of breathing the most dangerous compounds. As a result, heated tobacco products can lower the likelihood of health issues.

More information: health risks of NUSO heated tobacco products

There is no such thing as a harmless tobacco product. All tobacco products, including heated tobacco products, can be risky to the human body.

Heated tobacco products are made from real tobacco leaves that also contain nicotine and other potentially harmful chemicals and substances. Therefore, they can also be addictive. There is not enough scientific evidence to support the safety of heated tobacco products. But they can be less harmful than traditional tobacco.

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