The Industries That Need to Adopt Virtual Business Cards ASAP

For ages, there has been a practice of sharing business cards by various organizations. The businesses hope for the recipient to contact them to avail the services they’re offering. But the fact is that most printed or paper-based business cards are thrown away within a week and end up in dustbins. This makes it important for business owners to understand the value of electronic business cards and make good use of them. 

Having said that, there are still certain professionals as well as industries where image speaks a lot for themselves. These industries focus more on visual presentations and making their professions look good in the eyes of the users virtually. This can be done by investing in good electronic virtual cards to take their profession to the next level. But the question is what are the professions and industries that need to pay more attention to the virtual business cards. In this article, we will take you through the list of industries that needs to invest more in virtual business cards:

Real Estate

The first and foremost industry is real estate where the customer is everything. The idea of real estate is to win the trust and confidence of the users to make their business a successful one. For this, the realtors need to express theirs effortlessly while investing in the virtual business card. It is recommended that the realtors should craft a feature-rich business card that reflects their specific style and convey the right message to the audience related to residential or commercial space,  buying and selling options, office space leasings, and more.


Dealing with other people’s money is not an easy task. For that, you need to make a great first impression. Presenting a professional-looking and neatly designed electronic business card is the first step to take your business in the right direction. Even freelancers need to be careful when building a personal brand and reflecting that on the design. The overall appearance of the business card matters a lot. Therefore, banks and other financial institutions should always make their next virtual business card user-friendly as well as professionally sound.

Creative Artists and Musicians

There is a popular saying that every individual aspires to be an artist at some given point in time in their lives. But, you need to have an inbuilt talent that can make your dream come true of becoming a successful artist. To be successful in the highly competitive and demanding entertainment industry, you have to stand out, create a memorable public image, and make a strong, positive impression everywhere you go. Whether you’re attending a casting or meeting with a producer to negotiating a deal, you need to present yourself with a creative virtual business card that says something about you. It is the right time to create a digital business card while giving creative touch to every design and detail.

Graphic Deisgners/Programmers

People working in this industry need to showcase their talent and skills to achieve something big in this field. Making a positive impression is vital to influencing customer behavior. No matter how wide and diversified your portfolio is. If you don’t have a great business electronic card in the meeting. So you missed your opportunity to make a positive impact. Or you’ve already missed it. Because people who are adequately trained to program or design websites, corporate identity graphics, or brochures. They also have to prove their skills or qualifications on their digital business card.


The fact that hotel staff has your personal business electronic card represents professionalism. Not only will guests feel safe in their hands. but also knowing that they are a priority. Because they will be more trustworthy with your business card. With this, the customer will feel a sense of comfort and security. That the service provided to them is one of the best employees. Virtual business cards are a big deal. And to be honest, everyone wants one. Now, if your hotel has a digital business card distribution system based on employee performance. So they will definitely spend more time working harder and doing their best. It also instills a sense of responsibility and inclusion among your employees.


More professionals are turning to digital business cards to easily share information with new contacts, especially professionals who rely on relationships to drive business growth and earn massive revenue. A contactless way to share your contact information is a must. Regardless of your industry, a digital business card communicates that you are a leader in your field. Therefore, create and share your digital business card today to make a statement and seize every opportunity to expand your professional social network.

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