Taj Residencia New Block Blue Bell Investment Plans

The Sardar Group of Companies warmly presents Taj Residencia, a first-rate residential society in Islamabad, unsurpassed in its beautiful beauty and calm. It is meticulously created to meet your requirements for a luxurious lifestyle. The Taj Residencia in Islamabad is a premium residence intended for the ultimate in premium living. This development offers magnificent living, clean air, wide-open areas, natural landscapes, lush foliage with a stunning backdrop, new world-class technology, local conveniences, and plenty of family attractions. It manages to outperform the promises of its ardent backers. You were trying to grasp your brain around the 3.5 Marla plots’ debut. They have unveiled 5 Marla units in the Blue Bell Taj Residencia, an intriguing new complex. So, let us take a look at all that this new possibility has to offer.

Location of Blue Bell

The Blue Bell Block is adjacent to Taj Residencia’s second entrance. It’s in close proximity to the Marigold Block. The Rawalpindi Ring Road Link will also provide access to the region from the Thaliyan Interchange.

Blue Bell Block Plot Sizes

In Blue Bell Block, the residential society officially has only 5 Marla houses available. There are no plans for other sizes, but you cannot know what’s going on behind the scenes. To summarize, a 5 Marla lot is the ideal size for a profitable investment. Furthermore, it will be cost-effective for everyone.

Land Costs and Development Fees

We are all aware that Taj Residencia is among Pakistan’s most costly housing projects, ranking second only to Eighteen Islamabad. However, the builders are now focusing on low-income residents. For 35 lacs, a new five marla residence is available. Only the land value is being given as part of the Pakistan Package. The expansion charges will be applied at a later stage in the development process. The development fees have yet to be determined, but they are estimated to be around 1 & 1.5 lac each, Marla.

Payment Plan

The monthly payment is quite flexible &, thus far, the finest. For the property, you will have to pay that amount of 35 Lac. A 20% deposit is required to secure the reservation. As a result, when you deposit $650,000, your land will be reserved in your name. Thus, you can take ownership of your property after paying the down payment! Consequently, you’ll be able to start working on the property and settle in as soon as feasible. You will not regret having the liberty to plan whatever you want in your home.

Consequently, the Taj Residencia Installment Program is among the most attractive investment opportunities on the market. Because it’s a four-year payment plan, it’ll be ideal for you. This payment plan will make it easier to incorporate unexpected acquisitions or expenditures into your budgeting, which is particularly important for individuals who run home and must adhere to stringent budgetary restrictions. Furthermore, because you are not concerned about a serious financial setback, you have more flexibility to invest when you select extended payment arrangements.


The Tulip Block, Orchard Block, Daffodils Block, Rose Block, and other world-class amenities make up the Blue Block. In the coming week, there will be a lot of landscaping work to do. There will also be paved roads, gardens, jogging tracks, commercial areas, and central mosques in the area.

How do I book a plot in the Blue Bell Block?

It would be best if you were considering reserving a unit in this fantastic block already anyway. However, that is something we can accomplish. Bookings have only recently opened and are offered on a first-come, first-served principle, so act quickly. To make a reservation, kindly get in touch with our professionals at Sigma Properties & Marketing. You also can book your plot on the internet. The following are the rules to follow:

  • The booking form is available on the housing society’s official web page.
  • Fill out the form to make a reservation.
  • Use a check, cash, or purchase order to make a payment with Sigma Properties & Marketing.
  • Complete the registration or booking form, including any supporting documentation and a review.


Owing to its superlative luxury at cheap pricing, the Blue Bell Taj Residencia is a prime neighborhood. However, it is important to make a judgment on this block as soon as possible because the gated community will boost the prices.

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