Six Sigma Black Belt

When a professional earns a black belt, he or she acquires one of the most important roles in the position, which is assigning roles to different team members and supervising the work. Through training, you understand the use of statistical analysis to obtain Lean solutions and lead your team to a successful project and satisfied customers.

The exam fee starts at $ 229. To pass this exam you need to get 70% correct answers out of 150 available questions. The exam lasts 180 minutes and can be taken multiple times. After obtaining this certification, you can earn an average salary of between $ 95,000 and $ 110,000.

Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Most of the institutes that provide Six Sigma certification are considered to be the highest level of certification. This training provides tools and strategies to change the functionality of the organization based on the statistics obtained and obtain the highest results. It helps in solving technical problems of the team.

The examination fee for this certificate is higher and can start at $ 665. The exam consists of 150 questions that must be solved within 4 hours. Organizations also require a minimum of four years of work experience prior to enrolling in this certification training.

What institutions are trained in Six Sigma?

Now that we’ve looked at the basics of these certifications, let’s take a look at the accredited institutions that offer these training courses. While there are many coaching organizations on the market, several provide overall benefits and knowledge at every level.

Six Sigma White Belt Certification


The Six Sigma White Belt Training from Udemy introduces you to the concepts and basics of Six Sigma in the most basic terminology to help you understand better. You will learn Lean Six Sigma philosophy and its approaches, including DMAIC and DMADV

You will learn what the levels are and what is needed to obtain a certificate. With this course, Udemy gives you a 1-hour video, two articles, lifetime access to training, and a certificate upon completion.


Polyvision offers a course in understanding lean six sigma philosophy, practices, principles, structures, and history. This training course will help you build the foundations and advance to the other six levels of sigma certification. This training delves into scrum and agile practices and makes it easier for you to use the tools to combine the two and get the best results. This is a two and a half hour beginner’s course.


What is Six Sigma Master black belt certification? The offered by 6Sigma is designed to help the student with the tools and methods of Lean Six Sigma foundations. You will learn about the roadmaps, processes, ideologies and concepts of this methodology and create a path for your future.

By the end of this course, participants will be well-versed in implementing Lean Six Sigma and specific DMAIC concepts at all levels and phases. It is an 8-hour training course that can be completed in one day. Students can follow the course at their own pace or follow a virtual training course.

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