Scrubs have become essential in a beauty routine. They get rid of dead cells, smooth the skin texture and improve the complexion. However, this stripping treatment can be aggressive for the skin, especially if it is repeated too often. In winter, the epidermis is subjected to multiple attacks. It is therefore legitimate to wonder about the benefits of exfoliation during this season.

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Exfoliation in winter: what effects on the skin?

Every minute, the skin loses tens of thousands of cells in both summer and winter. Ridding the skin of its impurities will allow the epidermis to renew itself more effectively. For this, exfoliation proves to be a very valuable ally.

The cold and temperature changes cause a lot of damage to the skin. In addition to purifying it, exfoliation helps absorb nourishing care and perfects the complexion.

Softer and more spaced-out exfoliations in winter

Exfoliations in winter are strongly recommended, however, it is important to space them out and not to choose treatments that are too abrasive for the skin.

Rhythm of scrubs

In summer, in order to perfect your tan and maximize the effectiveness of hair removal, scrubs are more frequent, it takes about one exfoliation every 3 days.

In winter, on the other hand, the skin is drier and more sensitized, it is preferable to exfoliate at the rate of 1 per week, to avoid further damaging the skin.

Choose the right scrub

Whether you have dry or combination skin, it is recommended to choose an exfoliating product adapted to your skin type in order to gently erase impurities during the winter.

Although large-grain scrubs are more effective at clearing skin, it’s best to use small-grain scrubs for gentler exfoliation in winter.

Complementary care to scrubs in winter

It is important to continue the exfoliations in winter, but with age, the cells renew themselves less and less, and the exfoliation becomes less effective.

Fortunately, several alternatives exist to protect your skin and plump it up.

Continue exfoliating in winter: an essential beauty gesture

Exfoliations in winter are therefore essential to continue to stimulate the renewal of your skin cells and to give you a radiant complexion. However, with age the effects are not as convincing, which is why some people resort to additional care. If you are interested in complementary treatments to exfoliation in winter, do not hesitate to contact our team of specialists.
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