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Any return to duty procedure should start with a SAP Clearinghouse. It is necessary following a failed or refused DOT drug or alcohol test. If this happens, you won’t be allowed to drive a commercial vehicle until you’ve finished your return to duty process with a SAP Professional. You are in charge of going through a SAP Clearinghouse assessment as part of your return to duty procedure.

SAP Evaluation Near Me

Remember that without an evaluation, you won’t be able to proceed to the next stage of the procedure. The term “SAP Clearinghouse near me” refers to substance addiction professionals, who are the only ones authorised to conduct these kinds of exams. Once you’ve found a SAP near me, you need to designate them as your official SAP provider. This indicates that they will carry out your review and assist you with the remaining steps of the return to duty procedure, including treatment and a last drug test.

You might anticipate two tasks for the SAP Clearinghouse that must be finished before the evaluation period is up. The questionnaire and pre-screening are the first parts. You will be required to answer questions about your own history of substance misuse, your family’s medical history, and other pertinent information. You will next go to the interview portion. In order to better understand your position, the SAP near me will go over the questionnaire with you and ask you additional questions. Your SAP will inquire about the drug or alcohol for which you tested positive if you are undergoing this examination as a result of a positive drug or alcohol test. Your SAP will want to know why the test was refused and what transpired on that particular day if you are conducting this evaluation as a result of a test that was declined.

SAP Evaluation

Following the interview, your SAP will put the pieces together by developing a treatment plan that must be followed to both satisfy Department of Transportation standards and assist you with any underlying substance use issues that may not have been obvious prior to the SAP Clearinghouse near me. The creation of a workable and successful plan for each customer is always the ultimate goal of a SAP Clearinghouse.

It is crucial that you consider all of your options before settling on the approach that is ideal for you. Call SAP Evaluation, LLC at (800) 683-7745 or visit our website at www.sapevaluation.org for additional information.

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