Park View City’s Investment Opportunities

Park View City is the name of Vision Group’s new project. Islamabad is home to many residential, business, and residential properties. The magnificent housing project includes these world-class amenities, including a grand mosque, well-known schools, a substantial hospital, and a massive community center. It is clear from the 200-foot wide major highway, spacious streets, a beautiful neighborhood, and vast greenbelts, along with playgrounds and parks, that this housing authority has a lot to offer its residents and visitors. 

Perfectly positioned

Society’s key selling point is its location. It’s just 15 minutes from Kashmir Highway to Park View City, situated on Malot Road. The community’s 200-foot main boulevard is approachable through a 15-20-minute road out from Kashmir Highway and the Islamabad Expressway. Consequently, we can conclude that Blue Area is just about 20 to 25 mins away from the neighborhood. As a result, the community is well-suited for private residences and business establishments. Despite this, the housing design is located near the city center and is easily accessible. The highlands and foothills of Bani Gala, where the PVC housing complex is located, contribute to the area’s tranquility.

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The Business District

The main thoroughfare of Park View City is 200 ft wide. It runs from Jinnah Avenue to Park Road in Islamabad and is between 90 and 100 meters wide. A wide access road makes it easy to go to and through the community, making it easier to conduct business while still enjoying the tranquility of your opulent home society. In addition, Park View City’s proximity to a business district makes it a great place to invest. Living in an area with a commercial district increases societal well-being because it introduces commercial & business activity into residential neighborhoods. Because of its prime location at the entry, the retail space will increase foot traffic.

The lightning-fast rate of development

The growth of Park View City & Graceland Housing is accelerating at a breakneck speed. Ownership has already been passed to tenants in Blocks A and B apartments, which have been completed. As a continuation of Park View City’s expansion, residences are now being constructed within these squares. Additional blocks’ worth of street infrastructure can be constructed at breakneck speed. Work has begun on the Jamia mosque, and it is moving quickly. We estimate that the property’s development will take five to ten years and that daily life will continue in the area during that time.

Overseas Block

Park View City’s newest neighborhood, The Overseas Block, is designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of residents. A wide variety of housing alternatives are available in this community, from residential and business properties to traditional flats. This next phase will commence following international regulations for Pakistani ex-pats residing overseas. This square is ideal for Pakistani ex-pats who want a feeling of connectedness, education, and a safe place to buy Pakistan. This development is adjacent to the city’s business heart and offers a rich investment opportunity and a luxurious way of life to its residents.

Retaining Economic Stability

The market has remained stable since Park View City was established in mid-2017. Due to the fact that Islamabad’s real estate market continues to see this housing society as a viable option, the market is expected to be more stable in 2021. The management of Park View City has employed various methods to assist the gated community in achieving several long-term objectives. The two most common strategies we’ve seen are occasional & strategy setups.

Funds of investors are rotated.

Park view city’s method is appropriate for commercial or business real estate development because it allows buyers to switch between different items. When an item’s life cycle was young, they’d put money into it, but they’d wait till the market slowed before selling. Park View City’s short-term traders may be able to keep their money in a variety of goods by rotating their funds. In essence, allowing investors to shift their money around while the Park View City offering is in development produces income. Customers can then weigh the long-term potential of each product before making a long-term investment decision.


Park View serves as a shining example of how civic technology may be used to enhance the lives of its citizens. When finished, that would be one of Islamabad’s greatest social orders, and its success shows that Pakistan’s cities can be turbojet engines for development.

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