Park View City Gets CDA NOC

Park View City, a residences initiative by Vision Group in Islamabad’s zone IV, has been authorized by the CDA. Investors are drawn to this property because of its amazing scenery and luxurious amenities. Direct thruway access into the Park View city is provided by the main thoroughfare that is 400 feet wide. Additionally, it’s accessible via Kurri Road and Banigala, two major thoroughfares. This is the model location for individuals looking for a family-friendly community and a safe, innovative, and beautiful place to call home. Park View Housing Society is one of Islamabad’s finest housing developments and was designed by Vision Group, a leading architectural and engineering firm. A high-ranking and lively member of the PTI, Aleem Khan, is the owner of the Vision group. Vision Group’s first venture in the Capital is Park View City. One-minute stroll from the beautiful green botanical garden, Park View City is preferably located at the contrary Bahria Enclave and Bahria Enclave as well as Bani Gala, just 15 minutes away. Chak Shahzad is 8 kilometers away via Park Road and Kuri Road.

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Significance of NOC

Legally, the NOC is an official document from a government agency like the CDA or RDA. To proceed with the property’s advancement, the participant or company must obtain a certificate of occupancy (NOC). As a result, a property buyer must obtain a NOC from the jurisdiction of a prior owner to ensure that the property is free of any legal intervention. To sum up, a NOC is crucial when making an offer, a business arrangement, or any other transaction. That’s why Park View’s city NOC authorization is so important.

Park View City’s NOC Approval

Islamabad’s Park View City is a legal housing development. Park View City’s luxurious surroundings are among the best aspects of this housing society’s NOC, as it provides breathtaking views of Natural Beauty. Consequently, Park View City is committed to providing international leisure, commercial, and infrastructural facilities establishments. It provides residents with services that go above and beyond what they could have expected. Everyone presumed that Park View City would get an RDA-approved NOC when it entered the market since many nearby residential properties already had an RDA-approved NOC. Even though Park View City was given a NOC in May 2014, the CDA later dismissed it in September 2017, forbidding it from any sales promotion, the buying and selling of plots, or any development function. The major considerations of Park View City’s investors appear to have been resolved now that the NOC has been recovered. Park View City’s leadership had also invited investors, authorized agents, and those who are interested in becoming property distributors to an Iftar cum Dinner at the development site to commemorate the news of the project’s completion. A No Objection Certificate (NOC) was obtained by Park View City Residential Project from the Capital Development Authority, making it one of a handful in the area to do so (CDA). For housing developments, the NOC must be cleared. In addition to having an official NOC, the housing project also has CDA-certified records.

A Synopsis of Overseas Block

Exclusively for “Overseas Pakistanis,” Park View City Islamabad has launched 5 Marla, 10 Marla, as well as 1 Kanal plot. This new Overseas Block is located close to Jinnah Avenue, making it a highly valued investment opportunity for investors and homebuyers. For this reason, it is scheduled along H block, which puts it close to the community’s primary access road. Moreover, they will develop this entire block following the needs of Pakistanis living outside the country.


The CDA Islamabad has given Park View City its NOC. Since there are no legal issues to deal with, investors can easily purchase the property they need. Residents and investors alike will benefit from the NOC’s approval. People living in Park View City would never have to worry about the legality of the venture. The CDA’s official website has all the information you need to know about your NOC. It’s all going according to plan, and the developers are keeping the CDA legal proceedings in mind at all times.

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