Online Tool To Make Studying Your Academic Life Easier

Thanks to modern technology, life has become more convenient. All it takes is one click and a few keywords to access massive amounts of information on the internet for your assignments. You have free educational apps that you can access on the go using laptops, tablets, and smartphones. So, what kind of fellow Gen Z are you if you aren’t using any of these free tool to survive the drudgery that education has become?

To cure you of the FOMO, I have brought you a list of the best online tools of 2021 that you can use to ease down the pressure and stay ahead of your peers. The bonus: You will not have to spend a penny to use any of these online tools.

1. Plagiarism checker tool

Starting from bad grades to paper cancellation, plagiarism can escalate to rustication and legal repercussions. With a plagiarism checker tool, you can avoid committing the unintentional felony.

These tools check texts against a vast database of publications, online and offline, and highlight the areas that show similarity to other texts. You can accordingly cite the source or paraphrase the section.

Best tool for plagiarism that you can consider Plagiarism Checker

2. Paraphrasing Tool

You can avert plagiarism blues by paraphrasing a portion of text. Now, when we say paraphrasing, it is not as easy as substituting certain words with synonyms. Today’s plagiarism checkers are too ‘smart’ to be fooled with that cheap tactic.

Moreover, you may not use the correct words that can express the same idea without changing its essence. This is where paraphrasing tools come in to let you do the task efficiently.

Best tool for paraphrasing that you can consider Paraphrasing tool

3. Citation Generators

As if researching wasn’t difficult enough, you also have to cite the sources to give the due credit to the original authors. When it comes to citation and referencing, things get challenging due to the varying formats and rules.

Citation generators have been a blessing in this case. All you have to do is put in the source, and the tools will list them in the chosen format in under a few minutes. The tool will locate the source and cite it. Yeah, it’s that easy!

Best tool for Citation that you can consider Citation Machine

4. Grammar checker tool

Erroneous grammar can put out the wrong impression and lead the reader to think that you aren’t sincere enough. Moreover, missing punctuation and wrong words can alter the very message you want to put across.

To save you the ignominy, grammar checkers can save your back. These grammar tools can help you weed out tense, verb-subject agreements, and the likes. The tools also suggest better alternatives for repetitive words and restructure sentences.

Best tool for Grammar that you can consider Grammar Checker

5. Spell checker tool

You cannot even imagine what a few spelling mistakes can do to an otherwise well-written assignment. Spelling mistakes in your texting will only show how careless you are and your weak foundation of the English language.

Moreover, spelling mistakes can alter the meaning of a sentence (Think, lose and loose). In such cases, spell checkers come in handy. Such tools highlight cases of mixed conventions (organize and organise) and weed out typos too.

Best tool for Spelling that you can consider Spell Checker

6. Essay typer tool

For someone who isn’t blessed with a flair for writing, writing an essay can seem insurmountable. Many students have creative ideas but cannot express them in words. An essay typer tool can be your best friend if you are one from the lot.

Essay typer tools have been designed to give sense to sentences that don’t add up well. You can write the information, and the tool can structure it into meaningful sentences for your essay.

Best tool for Essay that you can consider free Essay Typer

7. Word counter tool

There are times when you have too few ideas or too much information for an assignment. This often leads to an underwritten or an overwritten assignment. And when that happens, you lose grades for not abiding by the set limit.

Now, you do not have to count each sentence to find out the word count. You can simply use word counters to know how much more you have to write or eliminate. These tools can also suggest which sentences to omit or highlight sections that are inadequate.

Best tool for word count that you can consider Word Counter

8. Resume Builder

When you step out in the professional world, you cannot afford to miss a job opportunity. And your professional career stands on the resume you submit. As first-timers, you may end up underplaying it by not including achievements because you thought they didn’t matter.

In such instances, resume builders can help you bag the job you deserve. All you have to do is feed in the required details, and the tool will generate the perfect resume that highlights your qualities and achievements. If you want to land your dream job on the very first try, use any of these

Best tool for resume writing that you can consider Resume Builder

9. Alphabetizer:

Imagine how exhausting it would be if you had to sort a lost with more than 100 sources alphabetically! With an alphabetizer in your kitty, sorting the longest list of sources alphabetically in a matter of seconds will become a cakewalk.

Besides arranging lists in alphabetical order, you can also use the tool to alphabetize a list with the last names and arrange sources in the reverse alphabetical order. You can even use it to remove list duplicates and add and remove HTML tags.

Best tool for writing that you can consider Alphabetizer Tool

10. Summary Generator

While writing elaborate texts is in itself a difficult task, things go a notch higher when you have to summarise the entire paper within one-tenth of the word count. Imagine writing about your 10000-words dissertation in 100 words!

Now, you can use a summary generator to encapsulate the main points of a paper to give the readers an overview of the content.

Best tool for essay summary that you can consider Summary Generator

11. Algebra calculator

Algebra can be a nightmare, thanks to the volume of formulas and theorems. If algebra isn’t your forte, you can get better at the subject using an algebra calculator.

From linear to quadratic to complex equations, such a tool can show you how to solve such problems. The tools give a break-up of the computational steps and walk you through the entire process.

12. Chemical equation balancer

Chemical equations can be tricky to solve, and it can be near to impossible to remember all the valences and ion charges, and more. And top it off with achieving balanced equations, the process just gets more complicated.

To accelerate the process, you can use a chemical equation solver to figure out how it’s done. Such balancers show you how the ion charges cancel out to form mixtures of elements.

Best tool for chemistry questions is that you can consider Free Chemical Equations Balancer


The rigid educational standards and fierce competition can take a toll on you, but not if you use technology the right way. Give social media apps a break and use the internet wisely to access online scholarly tools instead. Long gone are the days when it was all about studying hard. Now, it’s all about studying smart. Get these apps and tools to pave a smoother way towards success.

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