On-Page SEO Factors: Essential to Attain Higher Ranks in Google Search

On-page SEO is an essential aspect of search engine optimization as it assists Google to comprehend what is the context of the content on your website. If Google can comprehend your content well, you will be able to attain top rank which leads to more organic traffic towards your website and more conversion. There are many on-page SEO factors that you should consider to attract more traffic to your website.

  • Structuring URL

The Structure of the URL is an essential factor because it cooperates with the search engines to comprehend the relative significance and includes appropriate importance to the given page. The URL must have keywords that indicate the content of the post and it also should be precise and amiable.

  • Using the Title tag

The title tag refers to your web page’s title when observed on search engines. When you are searching on Google, the portion that carries your content’s title that you hit is the title page. You must make it as compatible as possible. Besides adding a keyword, you must keep it within sixty letters, too many keywords must not be employed, all the characters need not be in capitals and you should use words or numbers that attract people.

  • Creating Meta description

The meta description is a synopsis of your web page and generally has 160 characters. As per the recent algorithm updates, you can form 158 characters for desktop and 120 characters for mobile meta descriptions. You have to assure that it has the most important keywords and precisely summarizes the subject of your webpage. Appealing meta descriptions are cardinal for SEO as they welcome clicks that will allow your page to attain a higher rank on Google. It is better to keep it brief and simple but catchy to your target audience.

  • Heading tags

The heading tags. will display the search engine’s comprehension what is the structure and the content of the website. It is applied to shape headings in content. There are six kinds of heading tags involving H1 to H6. Specifically, H1 will carry the compelling significance, the greater font, and gently scale down to H6. The heading tags must not be used too much.

  • Use of Images

You must use images to make web pages more engaging and alluring. They also provide space between paragraphs. Although original pictures will enrich on-page SEO, if you do not have original pictures, you can take images from other sources. The only thing you need to assure that the images are of high quality, compatible with your content, perfectly placed, and sized. Furthermore, do write alt-tags of the stock images.

  • Content

Content is a significant aspect of attaining a higher rank. Unique content is a must for each web page. The white hat SEO specialists are well conversant with the significance of the main content. While writing content, you should incorporate keywords in the first paragraph and give special attention to keyword density.

  • Internal linking

When your website grows, it is essential to build an internal linking method. Internal linking expedites crawlers to explore your site, examine new content, and comprehend the substance of different pages. For compelling results, every page should have two to three internal links.

To make a keyword grab the top Google position, SEO specialists have to concentrate on On-page SEO factors because this is the principal and important aspect of SEO. If you can manage to optimize the On page considerably, your site will be acknowledged by Google and will be able to grab the top rank.

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