Office coffee

Office coffee

Did you know Starbucks’ CEO just called coffee a “natural calorie burner”? Starbucks sells billions of cups of coffee annually, and during one quarter alone, Starbucks posted a 9% increase in sales. And with more stores and coffee shops around the globe than ever before, we have more coffee houses to choose from than ever before. We hope you take the time to sip and savor your cup of coffee today and every day. And don’t forget to take care of your staff in the office and allow them to do their work too!

What’s your favorite drink? Do you prefer tea? I have to admit I prefer coffee in the morning and enjoy tea in the afternoon (maybe too much)! My favorite drink is probably the office coffee.

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Edit: 5/1/15 — To clarify a few points, Starbucks Coffee does not have to be purchased within an office. They do have a limited promotion for that with my favorite coffee in the form of Starbucks Office Cups, which come in several different sizes including mini, mini, large, and extra large.

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