10 Meditation Podcasts To Help You Sleep

No matter how tired you are due to hard work in the office or a day out in the market, it is not easy to fall asleep peacefully if your mind is going through numerous thoughts. You might be thinking about a particular promotion, something that your boss said yesterday or rough words by your partner. Well, it is normal for a human brain to act in this manner but if this becomes a routine, you may feel a great impact on your physical and mental health. This is why let us introduce you with meditation podcasts that help you sleep better.

Although people usually look for guided meditation apps, podcasts are also preferred by numerous others as it contains a variety of content, can be accessible offline and is generally free. If you are willing to explore meditation podcasts before diving into sleep, here are some of the best versions for you.

Best Meditation Podcasts For Sleeping

  1. CalmSage

Combining a collection of meditation podcasts, this podcast has everything for those who have sleeping issues, especially during the pandemic phase. Whether you have difficulty in sleeping initially or wake up in the middle of night and cannot fall asleep again, this application is a huge support and guidance. Apart from that, find sleep music and deep breathing exercises right here by downloading from Google Play or iTunes.

2. Sleep With Me

Another master of sleep podcasts, it is hosted by Drew Ackerman who himself suffered through insomnia all through his life and is aware of the facts associated with the sleep problems. The host has used a very interesting method here. He picks up a story and tries to make it as dull as possible. However, the nature of stories is so interesting along with his voice tone that you end up falling asleep.

  1. Wireless Nights

The speaker, Jarvis Cocker is known for looking at human conditions and lives of those who have crossed darker times. He himself had been an insomnia sufferer for a long time and uses his expertise to help people go through rough times. His voice and tone are so powerful that it allows a person to go through sleepless nights smoothly.

  1. Meditation Minis

Having a hypnotherapist at your podcast is a whole different thing and you can find that out with Meditation Minis very clearly. Chel Hamilton launched it in 2015 and her topics revolve around meditations focused on overcoming anxiety, unease and lack of confidence. The episodes usually range from 5 minutes to 20 minutes and can be found on Apple podcasts, Google podcast and Spotify.

  1. Sleep Whispers

From the house of ASMR & Insomnia Network, Sleep Whispers have a wide variety of relaxing stories that really hit you at the right note. Just as the name suggests, you get to hear various whispering stories in the same way you tell your baby when making them asleep. So get ready to be pampered at night with sleep whispers which are faithfully one of the best meditation podcasts to help you sleep.

  1. Boring Books For Bedtime

How about having weekly bedtime stories for podcasts which eases your sleepless nights and calms down your anxiousness and struggling bedtime nightmares. Every podcast has its hosts who read the stories very calmly and quietly making your eyelids heavier and sleepier. The readings could be explored from writings of Aristotle, Galileo, Emerson and passages from old catalogues.

  1. Headspace Sleep Casts

As we know that Headspace is a highly popular meditation app, Sleep Casts are designed properly to ease your sleeping schedule. Their podcasts are although very long and range from 45 minutes to 55 minutes. Although one has to pay $9.99 per month to listen to the podcasts, the samples are available online on the application to check out if the podcasts are rightly suitable for you or not.

  1. Meditation Station

Hosted on Spotify, Meditation Station has numerous podcasts hosted by Stin Hansen and offers you an explanation for deep sleep. From trauma to dealing with family drama, personal responsibility to alignment of energy, Meditation Station has a whole lot to offer. Calming meditations for sleep under the head of ‘zzzzz’ are very popular for your sleep.

  1. Phoebe Reads A Mystery

If you are a fan of crime alert then this podcast is an excellent choice as it is created by criminal content expert Phoebe Judge who creates ‘Criminal’. You can listen to her reading Agatha Christie’s books in her warm and familiar voice which would just make you feel better and sleepier during spooky talks.

  1. The Mindful Minute

This sleeping podcast has been created by yogi Meryl Arnett and perfect for those who want to hear free meditation guides and podcasts smoothly. She has kept the episodes very simple and crisp within a range of 30 minutes. All the aspects of your life, from work to personal, are covered in this and are best for those who wish to have a great and thankful life before sleeping off.


We hope that these meditation podcasts will help you sleep peacefully and you will be able to have a better and rejuvenated life after getting back in the morning. Which one is the best meditation podcast according to you? Share your ideas and recommendations with us in the comments section below and have a great night ahead.

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