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Among the many Primavera range of tools, the Primavera Unifier looms larger than most. With its scope, it actually unites a range of project control processes in their entire life-cycle. 

This includes proposal management, vendor management, cost and schedule control, submittal management, project documentation, collaboration and many others.

The Primavera Unifier Cost has become a giant in the range of tools, with compliments on the Primavera P6 EPPM as a web-based on-premises and clout-hosted tool. This is a robust tool that can be easily configured to the organizations needs and preferences. 

It can be used for many purposes in productivity and in tracking project programs and related documents.

The Primavera Unifier provides top-down and bottom-up visibility for planners and project managers, including cashflow capabilities all across the lifecycle. It is highly configurable and has an out-of-box business workflows and templates for rapid setup and deployment.

Unifier for Contract management

During execution, Primavera Unifier allows for multiple scenarios and data linked to projects during execution. Its built-in contract management and change controls capabilities and includes advanced document management.

Document management includes document traceability that can alert and report for control and compliance as well as detailed audit logging.

Enterprise compatibility / Capital planning

Being an Oracle product, Primavera Unifier is compatible through Gateway with Primavera P6 EPPM, Primavera Analytics, BI Publisher, Microsoft Office, and e-Business Suite amongt others.

Unifier lets users to develop cash flow models through different scenarios which can gain approval for the whole portfolio base. If you are planning a multi-year, financial plan, Unifier can help you in quantifying debt and produce affordable goals.

Cost control

Unifier can provide a central Cost Sheet template that is customizable for your organization. The covered areas include budget, commitment, spend, variance, and forecast management.

You can also generate cash flow curve generation for projects, contracts, line items and cost codes, including summary cash flow forecasts. There is support for transaction currencies, project currencies and future exchange rate estimates.

Users can records variances in spending and all cost control features can be produced in a graphical format. These cost codes can be mapped to activities in Primavera P6.

Facility management / Project delivery management

Unifier will help with Capital Project Management. Whether this is maintenance leases or organizational space, Unifier captures documentation of portfolio assets. It can also help manage relationships with contractors and vendors.

Unifier helps in the communications about project storage of documents. Project bids, project tasks, and action plans. This encompasses planning and managing to project execution can be used globally for project programs and portfolios.

Likewise, this business process and workflow is capable and adaptable. They allow multiple storage of forms, including due dates and schedule sheets.

Portfolio management / mobile app

The requests of portfolio management projects can be received and processed from the whole organization. Portfolio Management project requests can be received and processed from the whole organization. 

Among its unique features, the information are stored in a grid format for ease of use, with an eye of helping with the usual large volumes of data that portfolios attract. Portfolios can be untied to become individual projects if desired.

On the other hand, the mobile app is actually designed for task management. Among its tasks is capturing progress, recording issues, etc. whilst working on-site, regardless of whether there is a mobile connection or not.


The Primavera Unifier has integration with Oracle’s AutoVue. This allows users to make their notes/comments by annotating and marking up documents without altering the original documents.

The users can then collaborate with the other members by sharing their notes portraying any concerns they may have.


AutoVue’s usefulness is in offering users the option to collaborate with members of the project team, annotate documents without altering the original documentation, and view comments. 

This is useful for stakeholders in discovering AutoVue as they can mark up the documents that they require and print them off for meetings.


One advantage of the Unifier over P6 is the way that cost management works in Unifier.On the other hand, Unifier provides such functionalities which are helpful to understand the real-time cash flow of any organization.

Like in most premise, cost management is considered the key to success for any organization. Everyone would like to use those Project management tools because they have preciseand real-time cost management functionalities.

Attributes to cost

As project consultant, the following are some of the major tasks for which you may be responsible.  For one, you need to design and deploy the cost attribute form as per client business requirement.

There is need to create the various cost management templates like cost sheet template, Worksheet, Cash flow template and many more.

Primavera unifier / Primavera P6

The Oracle’s Primavera Unifier is relatively simple to deploy and use once you understand your information structure, the required forms and workflow to name just a few. Once it is configured, and being role based, users quickly become familiar with their part of the project. 

The Unifier also offers the capability of separating a project from a portfolio if required. This enables the user to work on it independently and then re-assign it to the portfolio at a later date.

Limited functionalities

P6 does have cost management functionalities, but it is very limited. It is not sufficient to provide an accurate and real-time picture of any organization’s financial project portfolio status. 

On the other hand, Unifier provides such functionalities which are helpful to understand the real-time cash flow of any organization.

Unifier solutions

In all these, however, P6 has limitations in capturing the Inventory cost, expense under approval, depreciation values of assets, lease values, real-time cash flow and more. 

Unifier is providing the solution for such limitations of P6 as it has capabilities like integrated cost management, capturing dynamic expense, expenses under workflow approval and many more.   

Cost management solution

Integrated Fund Management takes Unifier next level of cost management solution, especially for public sector organization. By Linking BP workflow with cost sheet and fund sheet provides you real-time status of potential expense as well. 

Unlike P6, Unifier can handle multiple currencies transaction in the single project which makes it suitable for MNCs.

Primavera Unifier offers visibility across all project information that allow users to make fast accurate decisions based on real-time information. The mobile app can help to record and create new tasks whilst on-site with or without an internet connection.

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