How to transfer vehicle license plates

If you have a personal vehicle warranty and you have changed your vehicle, you can transfer the warranty to your new vehicle. Registering from one car to another is very easy and fast.

To transfer your personal numbers, you will need to complete form V317, which you can get from your local DVLA office or local post office. You must provide details of the donated vehicle (which is the current registered vehicle) and the recipient vehicle. Vehicles must be licensed and have a valid owner’s manual in order to be transported.

When applying for a number plate you will need

the logbooks of the two V5/V5C vehicles on the drive, an MOT certificate for each vehicle, a copy of any tax plates and the current payment of £80. in every country. The taxation of non-taxed vehicles can be calculated with an application by submitting a V10 or V85 vehicle card application as well as an insurance certificate and payment tax.

The transfer is carried out if the granted vehicle does not have a registration number, if the registration number has not expired more than 12 months ago, the vehicle has been declared SORN and there is no difference between the expiry date and the start date. o notification. It is likely when the driver’s license expires or an MOT is required to obtain a driver’s license. This ensures that the vehicle is eligible to participate in the change process. Scrap vehicles can also be claimed, as long as your insurance allows it, a DVLA inspection has been done and all other vehicle conditions are met. Both vehicles can be used.

So what happens after submitting the application?

Once the vehicle information is verified, the transfer application will be processed and a new tax voucher will be issued for each new registered vehicle. Please note that the receiving vehicle’s warranty will be void unless a  private car transfers  or storage request is made upon delivery. The filling is confirmed when the new tax is received. Here’s DVLA Swansea’s upcoming new V5 laptop.

Numbers related to the age of the donated vehicle are provided free of charge. If possible, this is the first signal before the first issuance of a personal registration number. Vehicles registered before  receive an unregistered, non-transferable right. If you wish, you can make a new personal registration later.

When applying for a transfer, always remember

 that you can never get your car newer than it is. For example, a “W” prefix number cannot be given to a vehicle registered in the “C” register, but a “D” prefix number can be given to a vehicle registered with the letter Y. If you are unsure, contact your local DVLA office. Also note that Q and NIQ registrations are non-transferable.

If you need to remove a personal title from a vehicle but don’t have another vehicle to donate, don’t panic. The DVLA number storage system is designed so that owners of personal numbers can store them on the certificate without handing them over to the vehicle. For more information and to maintain your registration, contact your local DVLA office or head post office and ask for form V778/1.

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