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! To begin with, let’s remember how swimming training usually goes for most people. A person comes into the pool, takes a lane and swims monotonously at the same pace, alternating swimming styles , for example, breaststroke or freestyle. If a pool visitor came to practice in a good company, then about 40% of the time will also be spent on communication. Such monotonous swimming is ineffective for weight loss! Of course, you will lose calories, strengthen muscles and heal the body as a whole. But to lose weight, you need to swim in a completely different way.
And now we will tell you about swimming interval training, with which you will lose weight much faster.

! The essence of the interval training method is that you should alternate work at the maximum of your capabilities and rest (more precisely, swimming in an easy rest mode). Thanks to this workout, if done correctly, you will lose your weight within two days of it! This happens due to the fact that the interval load makes the body work in a different mode and speeds up the metabolism much more than the usual monotonous load. Thanks to the accelerated metabolism, the process of losing weight is intensified. In addition, during the workout itself, you will also lose more calories. By the way, we talked earlier about how to choose the right sports nutrition to lose weight with lifeguard classes.


For a good interval training, you will only need 10-15 minutes. The training goes like this:

  •  30 seconds you swim almost at full strength, at 90% of your capabilities, preferably in freestyle (if you are confident in this style, you can also choose butterfly);
  •  After that, breaststroke for 15 seconds at a low, relaxing pace. In total, this is one interval;
  •  Then again follows the “explosion” for 30 seconds and rest – the second interval.

The first time will be enough 8-10 intervals. As your physical capacity grows, you should aim to reduce rest time to 10 seconds and increase the “snatch” time to 40 seconds, as well as increase the number of intervals to 15. Studies have shown that those who practice interval training lose fat 9 times faster than people involved in traditional methods, while spending half the time. Sounds like a miracle, you say? Alas, miracles do not happen, you will have to give all the best in these trainings seriously. A very important point is that you should not give yourself any concessions, by the last interval you should already be sailing at your limit.


  1. Before starting an interval training, swim for 5-10 minutes at a warm-up pace in different styles (2-4 “pools” each);
  2. Intervals in one workout should be equal in time to each other! You can’t rest in the first interval, for example, 10 seconds, and in the next 15. We chose the 30/15 mode (work / rest) – strictly adhere to it throughout the entire workout. Do not give yourself indulgence, do not feel sorry for yourself during the lesson;
  3. You can not rest for more than 15 seconds and work in an exhausting mode for less than 20;
  4. If by the fifth or seventh interval you begin to “die”, suffocate and swim with all your might, then you are doing everything right. If you “deflate” earlier, it is worth reducing the load in the next workout (increasing rest by a couple of seconds, reducing the snatch time by 5 seconds, or reducing the number of intervals by 1-2). If at the 7th interval you feel that you have some strength left (at least a little), you have chosen too low a load;
  5. After finishing your workout, swim at a slow, relaxing pace for 5 minutes.


If you work correctly, sparing no effort, not giving yourself concessions, the result will surprise you very pleasantly! In addition to getting rid of excess weight, you will receive many other nice bonuses that you will not get from any other sport!

Swimming has been scientifically proven to:

  • Perfectly calms the nerves and is very useful for stress and nervous tension, and stress, as you know, can contribute to weight gain;
  • The best option for people who have joint diseases, since swimming does not injure muscles, does not put excessive stress on the joints, such as exercising in the gym or running;
  • It is of great importance for overweight people who risk their knees a lot when going for a run. Swimming provides gentle exercise and at the same time helps to burn calories, develop strength, endurance and flexibility;
  •  Benefits the cardiovascular system and strengthens all muscle groups of the body. Making a choice in favor of swimming, you will not only be able to quickly lose weight, but also give invaluable benefits to your body!

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