How To Make A Custom Lipstick Box For Someone?

 Custom Lipstick Boxes


Not always easy to find the idea for ​​the gift! เว็บตรงสล็อต Do you know that the way of giving a gift reflects a lot our personality? 

The decoration is your passion. So it’s completely normal to look for an original and aesthetic object.


But sometimes, you need help finding the right gift. No stress! You may need to learn the person better, their tastes, their desires… It’s normal to be undecided! 


To offer a gift is also to open up to the other. It’s not always easy to be comfortable with your emotions


Let’s be positive. Tell yourself that a gift is always a pleasure. Prepare it with love and sincerity! 


2 – Tips for Gifting Makeup


It is, above all,  บาคาร่าออนไลน์ a question of clearly identifying the person who receives your gift.


· For a teenager or a woman who is not used to wearing makeup, go for essential products. The essentials include waterproof mascara, a multifunction palette (eyeshadow, blusher), a lipstick stick, and a Blush. Don’t forget the small kit of brushes and face cream.


· For a person who likes organic cosmetics, all chemical components, such as paraben, must be eliminated. Applying makeup with products made from natural ingredients is adopting the nude trend. A CC cream lighter than a foundation moisturizes and illuminates the skin: a very soft blush, a palette of shadows, and a creamy pink lipstick complete the eye makeup. 


·        For a beauty care addict, it’s a matter of not making a mistake. Eliminate traditional and popular cosmetics. Choose the latest generation of professional makeup products. Go for big brands and glamour. Aim for quality, not quantity.




How To Make A Beautiful Makeup Gift Set?


We now see more clearly how to design a gift to offer. Now is the fateful moment to know how to craft the makeup basket. Here are the four steps.


1 – Choose A Small Square Or Round Basket


The choice of container is made according to the number of products and accessories you wish to offer. But not only!


The basket is the perfect gift to offer an assortment of beauty products. It must be beautiful, chic, and unique. It’s about making the right choice. 

For a woman who likes the authenticity of materials, braided fiber, like bamboo, is an exciting option. The braided cotton baskets radiate with their softness of great elegance. For practicality, small-capacity fabric baskets are just as charming.


The Custom Lipstick Boxes Washington dc, you make is a unique creation. You won’t be able to find it in a store! No fear of offering the same gift as another. Besides, I will reveal to you later the little extra that will make all the difference!


2 – List Cosmetics


You choose a container style according to the profile of the person you are offering it to. It’s done.


It’s time to get interested in makeup products and accessories. Before starting the purchase phase, I advise you to draw a precise list. 


I remind you of the 2 points to keep in mind when writing your list:

· the person’s age and makeup habits

· the basket style (capacity and color).


Let’s go! Let’s look at the essential list :


· A duo eyebrow pencil

· A tinted mascara and an eyebrow treatment

· An eye shadow (duo)

· A black volume mascara or another color

· An Eyeliner

· An eye pencil (black and brown)

· Blush palette (blusher in French) or Highlighter duo to have a radiant complexion

· Nude or Gloss tinted lipstick or lip balm

· A bronzing powder (to illuminate areas of the face) for a healthy glow effect

· Concealer pen 

· Foundation or BB cream

· two mini varnishes

You can add the following elements :

· An eye mask (if your friend is tired!)

· A scrub

· A face serum for the night

· A serum for the eye contour, eyebrows

· A concealer

· An anti-aging moisturizing cream to fight the first wrinkles

· A leave-in cleansing milk (small size)

· A moisturizing lotion

· A mini pouch of makeup remover wipes from a luxury brand.


This list allows you to organize the contents of your gift basket. 


3 – Opt For The Cosmetic Brand According To Your Budget


You know it: there is a multitude of brands of beauty products. You are, therefore, spoiled for choice. The budget is based on three elements:

· the type of basket and its capacity

· the number of products and accessories

· the chosen beauty brand.


Added to this is the little extra that will make your beauty basket unique!


4 – Add The Small Personalized Gift

The little extra is the object you will deliciously slip into the basket. The little touch of emotion melts the person you offer it with pleasure. The choice of this object can refer to a souvenir event (a miniature or an original keychain with a specific message). 

It can simply be an accessory synonymous with well-being, like an essential oil to fight against stress (true lavender oil).


Here are some ideas: 

· a lovely bag mirror

· a tiny piece of jewelry (bracelet, earring, etc.)

· a mini soap

· two mini candles

· a miniature plush

· A gift card for an aesthetic treatment or a massage


How to wrap the basket filled with transparent paper?


Finally, let’s discover together how to dress the makeup basket. My goal is to give you a quick and easy technique.


Indeed, making the packaging of the basket is an essential step. This is what is visible at first glance. A neat and original presentation will appeal all the more. Let’s look at all of this together.


1 – Tissue paper to put the products


Custom Lipstick Boxes Virginia with purchased accessories; it’s easy but not very fun! Imagine being a saleswoman at Hermès! Nothing is more fundamental than highlighting the products sold. 


The solution is to use tissue paper to wrap the products before they are placed pleasantly in the container. Tissue paper is a thin paper that we sometimes find in our shoeboxes.


Where can I find sheets of tissue paper? In creative leisure stores or certain hypermarkets. This paper exists in the form of sheets or rolls. The good news: there are many colors. Depending on the basket’s style, you choose a piece in pastel or more colorful tones.


3 – Wrap the Filled Basket


Last step: packing the basket. 

Here is the solution that will make its most beautiful effect. Use glassine paper or cellophane. The goal is to showcase the decorative basket. No need to worry about a pro technique! 


· Watch the short wrapping technique video only once

· Proceed in the same way.

· Do not forget to provide a pretty ribbon that can find in a haberdashery or in fabric stores (cheap because it can be bought by the centimeters). The color of the ribbon can recall the color of tissue paper. 


Use dunnage to garnish your gift.

If you are looking for an ecological and pretty solution to garnish your gift package, we advise you to opt for wedging crimp. The wedging crimp to highlight your basket is made of wood. It’s fir, it looks like wood shavings, but it’s long strips. The advantage is that as it is wood, it can be in contact with any product, even food.

Two-in-one use

This wood crimp has the particularity of bringing an aesthetic, slightly rustic side to your parcel but also avoids any breakage if you have to send it. Indeed, as its name suggests, the wedging crimp makes it possible to wed the objects in the basket. By burying your makeup, brushes, and powder, there is no chance of them breaking.

For your basket to succeed, you can place the crimp at the bottom and your products on it. The second option is to establish a little crimp at the bottom of the basket, put your products, then replace the cushioning crimp on top. The person who opens the basket will have to look for the products in the basket.


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