How to Choose the Right Type of Best Hair Tie for Your Baby

When choosing the right type of Best Hair Tie for your baby, you want to make sure that you don’t choose a hair tie that is too tight on their head because it could potentially cause a headache or hair loss. You also want to make sure the hair tie doesn’t have any rough edges or sharp corners, as these can irritate your baby’s delicate skin. When looking for a good Best Hair Tie for your baby, look for soft and gentle material made out of cotton or latex. Another thing to consider when looking for the Best Hair Ties for babies is how thick it is. When selecting this type of Best Hair Ties for babies you want to choose one that is not too thick so it won’t hurt your baby’s head when they are getting the hair tie on and off.


The 5 Best Hair Ties for Babies


Keeping your baby girl’s hair out of her eyes is one of those things that can be extremely frustrating for both you and her. A headband is not always a viable option, especially if she has fine hair. And when trying to tie up their little locks, rubber bands are often too big and elastics are too small.


These are the best hair ties for babies that will keep your baby girl looking adorable and put together while keeping her little head warm in winter.


1) Twist-tie

2) Ribbon

3) Velcro

4) Strap

5) Braid

6) Headband. 


1) The twist-tie: Before you ask why the twist-tie isn’t number one on this list, we’ll tell you – it is because it doesn’t hold very well or make a great hairstyle once it’s tied up. However, they work wonders as bangs or other hair accessories!


2) The ribbon: One of our favorite finds was these sweet pink bows made with ribbon! They’re perfect for tying back your baby girl’s hair without having to use an elastic band or ponytail holder. Tie the bow around her ponytail, then wrap it around a couple of times until it’s secure and tight.


3) The velcro: You know that velcro strap they give you at some places like Walmart? Well, there is such a thing as velcro hairbands! We love these because they are so soft, and flexible and don’t leave any creases in your daughter’s locks. Wrap them around three times, then cross over the ends like an X and pull through the loops before pulling them tightly closed. If your baby’s hair is longer, go ahead and do two wraps instead of three. For something fancier than just a simple knot, try weaving the two pieces of velcro together before wrapping them around twice (or however many times you need). It takes a bit more time but it makes an excellent boho-chic style!


4) The strap: Straps have become quite popular in recent years and have been seen worn by celebrities on red carpets all over Hollywood. Straps are available in a variety of colors including turquoise blue, orange-red, yellow gold, and even leopard print. There are different widths which means that whether your little girl has long or short hair, there will be one to suit her needs. But no matter what size you get, these straps come in packs of 12 so they’re affordable and convenient to stock up on. Once tied, the tail end should extend past the length of her hair. Then simply pull apart the looped material and slide it onto your baby girl’s head where she wants it to sit. Keep tucking excess straps into themselves as you go along so they stay neat and tidy. When placing on top of their crown, bend each loop into itself first before releasing them down towards her forehead where it will tuck right in! This way, the thicker and shorter parts of the strap will be on top and show off her hair. The thinner parts will be hidden underneath and act as an invisible hairband.


5) The braided headband: Made with a pre-braided piece of fabric that you can find in any craft store, these are so cute! Simply cut the strip to fit your baby girl’s head. Sew up one side for it to look like a headband or sew up both sides for it to act as a tiny hat. Be sure to place the open side on the outside of her head so it’s less visible from the front.


6) The headband: From Disney princesses to galaxy cats, they’re basically everywhere! Headbands are one of the easiest ways to add an adorable hair accessory for your baby girl. While these headbands are super common, you’ll want to check the sizing before you buy. Most brands offer a range of sizes so you’re bound to find the best one for your baby. To tie up her hair, start by putting her hair in a high ponytail before sliding the headband over it and securing it in place. Make sure not to tighten too much or else it will start to press on your daughter’s scalp and cause discomfort! Once secured, flip her headband outwards and let your baby girl shake her curls loose!


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