How to be active in physical activities?

Nowadays, it is accepted by the entire scientific community that physical activity and sport, carried out and planned properly, not only reduce the general mortality rate, but also make us enjoy better health during our lives, that is, they give years to life and life to years (Waaler, 2004). Read about physical activities

Likewise, we must take into account what Rodríguez (1995) clarifies: the amount of exercise necessary to reduce the risk of disease significantly and enjoy good health, is considerably less than that necessary to achieve and maintain high levels of physical condition Therefore, the time that must be invested to achieve a healthy level of physical condition is considerably less than that necessary to achieve a high level of physical condition, a desirable goal but difficult to achieve for the majority of the population.

In Europe and the United States, it is becoming a trend to include corporate sports in medium and large companies as a happy collaborator is more productive .

a) Body movements that are part of daily life: those related to work, home and family performance, which contribute to a very small degree the aforementioned benefits.

b) Recreational activities: sporadic or weekend activities, which are not enough to properly stimulate the different organs and systems, although they do contribute to the psychological benefit in a greater way than the previous ones. Sports are a source of recreation for a healthy mind, CSN Philly provides coverage to sports news and streams . 

Promoting corporate sports generates the following benefits: 

1.Improve the work environment

There is nothing like sport to increase internal satisfaction, be part of a sports community and create bonds of friendship between colleagues by promoting collaborative work. Also, physical activity brings a feeling of happiness. It is important to mention that a good work environment can increase productivity by up to 20% according to Aptitus.

2. Reduce absenteeism

Practicing sports in a moderate and constant way protects against mild to moderate respiratory infections. In addition, exercising strengthens the body, fighting faults due to muscle and joint problems. All this contributes to better occupational health, which means less absenteeism and, therefore, higher productivity.

3. Reduce stress

Playing sports relaxes, clears the mind and reduces anxiety, which ends up reducing the level of stress.

4. Encourage teamwork

Sharing a sport, especially collective ones, makes it possible to convey the importance of leaning on colleagues, planning a strategy as a team and seeking a common goal.

5. Promote motivation

One way to increase motivation is to practice sports, generating that desire to improve that motivates you to constantly achieve a goal, break with the day-to-day routine and accompany others towards their achievements.

Benefits of physical sports activities in the general population

The World Health Organization explains the benefits of proper sports practice that we

summarize here:

  • Reduces the risk of mortality from cardiovascular diseases.
  • It prevents and / or delays the development of arterial hypertension, and lowers blood pressure values ​​in hypertensive patients.
  • Improves the lipid profile in the blood (reduces triglycerides and increases HDL cholesterol).
  • Reduces the risk of suffering from non-insulin dependent diabetes.
  • It reduces the risk of suffering from certain types of cancer (colon, breast).


Once the recommendations for physical activity, exercise and sport have been reviewed, and seeing the innumerable benefits at all levels and ages that its practice represents, reality shows us that the levels of physical activity in the population are not particularly high, as We see in the latest study of the Sociological Research Center (CIS, 2005) in this regard. Knowing that physical activity is beneficial for your health does not seem to be a sufficient reason to be active. According to the Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine (FEMEDE), up to 66% of European adults do not reach the recommended 30 minutes of daily physical activity, and 1 in 4 do not carry out any activity. 

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