How can carpet cleaning help get rid of bed bugs?

Carpet cleaning and bed bug removal are some of the many methods available to control or eliminate bed bugs. The recent increase in bed bugs has caused alarm and garden professionals are often called in to help. While hot showers or steam baths can help, they are no substitute for a comprehensive pest control program.

No one knows for sure what causes bed bugs to breed. It has been around for centuries, but since the beginning of the last century it has almost become extinct in the United States. The current crisis may be caused by one or more of the following factors.

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  • No information is available on the structure and morphology of bedbugs
  • Lack of knowledge on how to control or kill them
  • Resistance of these insects to modern pesticides after DDT was banned
  • While these animals don’t spread infectious disease themselves, they are a terrible nuisance and can cause a lot of problems with their painful blood-sucking diet.

The common man-eating bed bugs are small, oval-shaped creatures with fine lines and are usually brown in color. After eating blood, it turns red. They are usually nocturnal and very secretive. Due to their size and shape, they easily hide in any crack, crevice or hole in any part of the house. The main hiding places are mattresses or sofas, but you can also find them in carpets, cupboards and the sides of drawers or curtains. It can be recognized by the brownish blood they always leave behind or by the strange smell they give off.

As adults, these insects can live for months without eating,

but must feed on blood before mating, before laying eggs, or between any of the five stages of their life cycle. Although they cannot fly, they can move up to 60 feet in search of blood or cover. All warm-blooded animals are attracted to carbon dioxide emissions, body heat, or movement. They can be killed by extreme cold, temperatures above 118 degrees F, or approved pesticides.

It is very difficult to completely get rid of bed bugs because there are many different hiding places in and around buildings. Always contact a USDA-approved pest control facility.  Rengøringshjælp  and vacuuming carpets is an important part of any preventive measure you can take, as bed bugs are always found in crevices around the edges of carpets, especially near beds and sofas. .

Professional carpet care companies use truck-mounted

steam washers that can produce inside temperatures that exceed 250 degrees. . The same goes for rugs, curtains, or upholstered mattresses.

Remember to check every piece of furniture you buy for bedbugs and have it thoroughly cleaned by a professional entertainment company before you bring it home.

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