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As we all know, Pakistan’s real estate business has risen significantly in recent decades. Many new developers have unveiled various residential and commercial projects in cities like as Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Gujrat, and Gwadar. The level of living in these cities has improved as a result of these advances, as has the infrastructure. Fewer of Pakistan’s historic cities are still in the development stage.

Euro Corporation is the ultimate property developer who will increase the attractiveness of the Kharian District by introducing the Grand City Kharian housing project, which is exotic, independent, and contemporary. 

It is a private gated community, a one-of-a-kind exciting housing and commercial project that has been offered for the first time in Kharian to improve your quality of life. Residents of Grand City Housing Scheme will experience superior luxury as well as secure living in a gated community.

This housing society, I believe, will be remembered as an iconic creation, fulfilling your desire of living in the tranquillity of nature while creating new bodily canons. In addition, this attractively situated housing society as well as a commercial hub will include all of the modern lifestyle conveniences, basic supplies, and essentials required. You may also like to learn about the Park View City Islamabad.

Another appealing characteristic of the housing programme is that plots and files are offered at extremely affordable prices, allowing anyone with a poor salary to acquire a 5 Marla House. As a result, it is an excellent investment opportunity for those who have money but no secure way of investing it.

I believe we should also address the project’s location, therefore let me tell you that this lovely housing society is located near G.T. Road Kharian. The Grand City Housing Scheme includes 5 and 7 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal residential plots, as well as 6 Marla non-residential plots, as well as a variety of payment options.

Map of the Area:

By looking at the Google map, we can see that Grand City is located near Sarai Alamgir Road in Kharian, near the New Bypass. The project’s site is the lowest distance from Sarai Alamgir Road and has a direct access to the Sargodha-Kharian Bypass. The developers have picked a fantastic site in the heart of Lahore and Islamabad, on Main G.T Road.

Grand City Housing Society is precisely described as being located 7 kilometres from Sarai Alamgir and 10 kilometres from the main Kharian. The location is crucial since it is located in the Gujrat District, a significant industrial area that offers citizens several business and growth chances. 

Plan of Payment:

Both residential and commercial plots have pleasant and accessible costs and booking processes, which are spread out over a 2.5-year instalment plan. Initially, the investor must pay 10% for the booking and another 10% for confirmation after 30 days. When that, he will be forced to pay 10% of the whole payment after 60 percent of the booking is completed, and the remainder will be paid 10% on possession and 60% in 30 monthly instalments. Get the idea from Eighteen Islamabad Housing Societies.

About the Creators:

The developers of the Grand City Housing Scheme Kharian project are the well-known real estate firm Euroiz Corporation. Eurobiz Corporation’s goal has always been to surprise its consumers by creating superior living places via unrelenting innovation from side to side.

Grand City Kharian Developers’ main goal is to build real estate developments that may provide exceptional property expansion potential while taking advantage of venture investors’ financial returns. They’ve always been praised for their high-quality construction, ethical and transparent business operations, and high standards of property maintenance.

Kharian Houses in the Grand City:

Grand City Houses is a brand-new opportunity to purchase a home in one of the top housing developments in the city. A housing project that satisfies all of the requirements for a better quality of life.

  • Houses with 5 Marlas

Meeting all quality requirements as well as people’s needs. Grand City provides you with 5 Marla residences that have the attributes listed below.

Features on the Ground Floor

First Floor Features: M Bed with Attached Bath Kitchen Lounge/Dining Drawing Room Car Porch Powder

Sitting Area/Lounge Store Terraces 2-Bed with Attached Baths.

  • Houses with 10 Marlas

Grand City Khariyan Properties also has 10 Marla houses available for purchase. Houses with all of the necessities for a luxurious lifestyle.

Features on the Ground Floor

First Floor Features: 2 Bed with Attached Bath Kitchen Lounge Drawing Room Car Porch Powder

Sitting Area/Lounge Store Terraces 2-Bed with Attached Baths.

The Grand Mall for Shopping is one of the facilities and amenities available:

There will also be a Grand Mall in the Grand City, which will serve as a shopping attraction for the whole community. The mall will have a network of department stores, a food court, a children’s play area, and a variety of speciality shops. The primary goal of building a mall in a community is to meet daily necessities and give amusement with all of the current conveniences.

a reliable security system:

It is a secure gated community with armed security officers stationed at all gates, as well as the installation of cutting-edge CCTV cameras and a biometric system to assure the inhabitants’ complete safety.

Fountains with Music:

It is the first house development near Kharian to have melodic dancing fountains. These water fountains produce a spectacular spectacle of three-dimensional phantasmagorias that have a spectacular water and light show that syncs with the music.

The Grand Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world.

For the community’s residents, the developers of this housing complex have also constructed a Grand Mosque. The mosque is created with elegant domes and minarets to provide a pleasant environment for Muslims to pray.

A Club for the Community:

The Grand Community Club has also included a strategy for locals to meet together for seasonal and encouraging activities in the project plan. The Grand Community Club will be an ideal location for family gatherings and will provide a variety of exciting activities.

Power Supply That Isn’t Interrupted:

At The Grand City, you can now enjoy a life free of load shedding because the developers have set up a continuous power supply system for the residents. A backup power peers system has been constructed across the village to provide an uninterrupted supply of electricity.

prestigious educational institutions:

It will also feature the best educational system in the area, ensuring that the highest level of education is provided. They used the most up-to-date educational methods and highly skilled specialists to meet the demand.

Other Amenities: 

Grand City Kharian serves its inhabitants with world-class amenities ranging from group fitness classes and gymnasiums to children’s parks and jogging tracks, swimming pools and indoor games, cafeterias, and spa services. Grand City housing comes to mind when considering health and safety.

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