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TikTok might be the most popular new kid in school, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore your social media presence on other platforms. For example, Instagram Views still has millions of engaged users than TikTok, while its main competitor, Facebook, also has many more. So you’re trying to get more followers to quit blaming others and get ‘gramming. Here are some tips to make the most of your Instagram account.

Seven ways to boost your engagement and views on Instagram

Similar to any social network, Instagram is governed by an algorithm. This means, in human terms, that it shows and shares certain content differently than others based upon an ever-changing set of criteria. While it may be unpleasant, being an excellent sport to the Instagram algorithm can significantly improve overall performance.

Descripts creator partnerships manager is Marilyn Moser. Alongside advising creators on the most appropriate social media platform to accomplish their goals, she’s also assisted various brands in fine-tuning and focusing their marketing strategies. For someone who’s spent more than several hours digging in the mines of content, Moser gave some wise advice to get the most out of Instagram.

  • Face your audience. If you’re an Instagram user, there are hardly any limitations on what you can publish. But what do you do if you’re trying to boost your followers? “The truth of social media is, it’s all about people, stories, and community,” Moser states. No matter what you’re writing about, make it as easy as possible to concentrate on human stories and faces. As Moser says, “Bringing the face in is going to make the algorithm happy.”
  • Upload many more video posts than pictures. “[Instagram] started many years ago now as a photo-first app, and it’s [gone] completely the other way,” Moser states. If you’re deciding between video or image, and both are options, Moser recommends going with the video. Because video is more entertaining and, well, you’ve got it right, the algorithm will appreciate it.
  • Make use of Instagram new shiny toys. Okay So, Instagram loves videos and faces. However, according to Moser, The app is known for pushing more unique features — and encouraging early adopters. Although Instagram Reels and Stories are familiar, Try to mix up your content by combining regular feed Instagram videos and posts posted on Instagram Stories. “If you can stay on top of things like that and get experimental with it, you’re going to notice an increase in reach,” Moser states.
  • Find out about your customers. Find out what your followers’ preferences and dislikes are. Find out what they think about it. The more you know about your audience and their habits, the better you can provide them with the content they’re looking for. The key to that is to do some basic research. Start by researching the time of the day your users are the most active. Let them guide your posts. Moser warns against using an all-inclusive approach here as every group is distinct. Try experimenting with the times you publish and follow up by looking at your analytics. For instance, Moser says, if you post similar content between 12 noon or 5 p.m., “and the 5 p.m. one took off … that’s gonna be your new sweet spot.”
  • Learn about yourself. You must establish your identity and stick with it to succeed in this chaotic ‘gramming’ ‘world. “The way these apps are designed is to feed outward,” Moser states, “to reach the niche” your company falls into. Sure, you’re a different flower, but select a path or two that make it easier for the platform to narrow your content towards a targeted group of people.
  • Communicate with the people you follow genuinely. To truly grow your following base, as per Moser, the relationship must be more than just a single-sided relationship. Don’t just share. Pay attention to your comments and ensure you respond to your followers meaningfully. A different option to increase engagement is to entice your followers by asking them questions that make them more inclined to reply. If you want to go that extra mile tries big-scale events like giveaways that encourage conversation or sharing. “All those things work together to make people want to keep coming back to your page,” Moser says.
  • Create content that is of high quality. Sometimes, the best option is the easiest to follow. If you publish high-quality content that is engaging, more people will be engaged with it. In addition to the many techniques and tricks you can apply to ensure that users can see your posts, Moser says, “All the rest boils down to what your actual product is.” Be aware that Instagram is mostly an image-based platform, so no matter if you add content to your main feed or publish Stories; avoid getting involved in the game of algorithm that you don’t think about creating things that your audience will enjoy.


Final thoughts

Once you’ve tasted the experience of success, you may think about what you can do after that. Another approach Moser recommends considering is an effective Instagram advertising campaign. This may seem odd, but if you’re willing to spend the money necessary to deliver your content to the masses interested in it, organic reach is likely to be a logical follow-up. Indeed, your Instagram presence isn’t paid for except if you are Scrooge McDuck-level wealthy. For the rest of us, advertising, a few strategically placed ads can give you that extra boost when you’ve got a good understanding of the person you are and your target audience. Remember: You might be able to fool robots by examining the content you’ve created. However, it’s impossible to fool the people viewing it. The Guardian Savior is the one of best authentic website.

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