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One of my friends gave me an invitation to Like the Page of a musician on Facebook. I went through the Page and decided to make an appearance. I started looking through it but couldn’t find any reason to rate it as a Like due to one simple reason. There was no straightforward method to listen to the music! There was no Music tab, no video featured, and the cover image was in support of a concert from just a month ago. Why should you (or any other person) embark on the journey of becoming a fan of the artist?

Although the Page’s organic (unpaid) reach is generally between 5 and 15 percent, getting real (outstanding) Likes on your Page is crucial. It’s a form of currency that people take note of. However, you shouldn’t purchase Likes to appear more impressive than you are. Everyone knows that Likes can be bought, and you’ll look silly when your engagement falls lower than get many Facebook followers uk you have. But, most importantly, purchasing Likes could reduce your organic reach.

If your posts reach only 10% of the 1,000 users, that equals 100 real users. In contrast, if you buy 10,000 fake likes and are now posting to 11,000 users but still only reach 10%, which is 1,100 accounts, there’s a good chance that all 1,100 accounts belong to fake accounts and that none of your actual followers even saw your post.

Here are 11 simple methods to enhance your Facebook experience.

Upload Videos To Facebook

Facebook is pushing its video to the max. They have now reached 4 billion video views per Every Day. Although they count a video’s statements in the case of only 3 seconds watched but it’s still a fantastic way to engage your customers. Facebook will prefer the Facebook-uploaded video over YouTube embedded one (not to add that Facebook videos are automatically played on the Newsfeed). I’ve conducted my tests on this, and a brand-new song I uploaded on both Facebook and YouTube that same day received 6x higher views via Facebook than on YouTube within one week.

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Now that Facebook is beginning to roll out video monetization with the same rate of payment YouTube provides (55 percent), you can earn money from your viral videos.

Post Photos of YOU Often

Why Instagram has seen a surge in popularity isn’t because of its video features. It’s because of the excellent quality of their photos. It’s a social network in and of its own. It is possible to link to your Instagram with your Facebook page. Since Facebook is the owner of Instagram, they can make sharing effortless. (Do not connect your Twitter account with Facebook or vice versa.) If you’re using Instagram language in your description (@someonesname), ensure that you log in to the account on your Facebook Page account and edit the description to Facebook with the appropriate tags.

It’s not necessary to publish professional promo images. However, the photos you upload should be experienced in quality. Make sure to post pictures showing your fans behind the scenes of you doing everyday things; however, make sure you are present in the photos. The people don’t want to see your food photos or anything you think is cool. The people like you do extraordinary things at your best, performing in the studio, backstage, etc.

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Feature A Video

One of the less popular options is the featured get many Facebook likes uk on Pages. When you’ve uploaded your videos, you can choose which to display. The video will appear on your profile’s left-hand side just below the About. It’s the first thing users will see when they visit your Page, and most users will choose to click on it first; therefore, you should include an audio or video clip, either live or a performance video, or your PC. Not just you are doing your thing at the pool (unless you’re a hot body. People are drawn to hotbeds). A high-quality video is the most effective method for people to be familiar with your music. But make sure that you’ve got high-quality video content!

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