funny pics

funny pics

On the other hand, if you like the logic and reasoning for Hillary Clinton’s faith issue and are perfectly happy with the truth being that Clinton’s faith is faith and she’s been faithful in that faith, you’re probably going to like this site.
There’s also the argument that anyone who’s really faithful to God and the Bible will be faithful to a president and to our country. Many people believe that. But I wonder about the wisdom in preaching such a belief, which would lead to the unpleasant scenario of a political leader being picked and judged by faith alone.
As I said in The Liberal Case Against Hillary Clinton, I’m pretty sick of hearing her promoted as if she’s a great Christian. I’m sick of hearing the point of her being a political leader being based on her being a good Christian. I’m sick of not hearing the idea that anyone could be a political leader without faith. I’m sick of the idea that anyone who has faith should be blessed as a political leader. That’s the faith part. The political part is simply ridiculous.
I’ve also seen “funny pics” of Hillary Clinton and her faith. Some of them are definitely funny, including those where Clinton’s faith is mocked, or mocked the faith of others. You can read a few of those at this blog. I particularly like the humor of another pic, which shows Hillary and Barack as dinner guests in New York City, and how Barack tries to screw up the traditional dinner for all the important people and families in New York City.
Click on the pic to see a larger version.
I’m also going to have fun with this one, which shows Hillary wearing a religious necklace like the one she was photographed wearing in the above pics.
Again, some of these pics are funny. But I know that many people really do like Hillary and want to support her. If that’s true, then you’re probably going to have fun with these “funny pics” on the internet, which might seem like an escape from all the ridiculous faith-based bullshit we’re hearing out of the mouths of politicians. If you agree with the faith that Hillary Clinton is faithful and cannot fall from that faith, then you probably like some of this humor as well.

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