funny pics

funny pics

Did you know I used to work at Target, as a freaking manager? It was my job to keep track of things, keep tabs on what was coming in, and to keep some sanity in the chaos of our stores. I worked from 8am to 10pm most days, which I loved. One of my favorite things about the job was my coworkers and customers. Some customers were extremely funny pics and hilarious. I have a few funny pics customer stories, so here are a few funny pictures. Some people got a kick out of them.
The funniest picture
I’m laughing, seriously, out loud. She has such a fun personality. You know how sometimes people pretend to give you funny looks, but then they act like they’re being completely serious? This happened, and she got away with it so many times. It’s awesome.
Another funny picture
I had to ask for a particular type of drink, but this guy helped me out a lot.
I had to ask for “the drink that tastes like honey.” He said the word “honey” so funny. We made a joke out of it and I ended up giving him the funniest picture ever.
This guy was pretty funny too. He was on crutches, and wanted the phone number of someone who worked at Target. We used to joke with him all the time, and he had such a great sense of humor.
My favorite one
My other favorite picture
My favorite, as a hilarious side note, was when I had a customer that gave me the most awesome picture ever. I sent it to a friend and he texted me right back saying “I bet this guy is laughing out loud and I bet he’s really mad right now.” It is hilarious.
Here’s another funny picture.
I love this picture. A lot.
There’s no way to not love this pic.
Who got the funniest picture? Did I forget any funny ones? I think I only got one from a customer, but I had a few from my coworkers.

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