funny pics

funny pics

The present media landscape certainly lends itself to the circulation of clever observations about the presidential debates. Watching those three snags back to back is not really a laughing matter, not really even funny pics. I mean, we all know it would have been more funnier if he fell on the floor and suffered a compound fracture of his left leg as the result of the ultimate insult, and he did.

But it’s funny pics in the way that hurts, the way that he got literally slapped in the face by the media he was trying to win over, the way it happens on reality shows where they go after you and they find the weak spots. It’s funny because we all know it could have been worse. In fact, if Hillary did any worse we’d be calling her the next Adolf Hitler right now.

That’s why it was funny pics when Donald Trump started to say that she didn’t know what a bunch of different words meant was funny. I didn’t even know what he was talking about at first, not really. But it seemed weird to hear him say something like that about Hillary Clinton, to hear him say “she doesn’t know what ‘neocon’ means,” which is funny because it really seems like she actually knows what “neocon” means. You can hardly call someone a neocon if you know what they’re like.

In other instances we have no funny stuff to report at all. In one such instance we learned that Trump got a hold of Hillary’s email for the first time, and that he is the first person in America who truly knows what’s in it. How he got a hold of it is still a mystery, and a bit funny.

Then we learned that, after Hillary had her email hacked at the first debate, she had done absolutely nothing to make sure it was secure. All it took for Trump to gain access to her email was a question about her passwords and what the three passwords were. And what do you know? He was the first person who had a good laugh over her stupidity. As soon as he told us, it was almost as funny as watching her fall.

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