funny pics

funny pics

Yes, you can expect to get creative with how your child looks. Just take a picture of your little one at lunch, and he or she will look just like your lunch. But please don’t share the picture on Instagram or Snapchat.
Cater To The Kid
Use your child’s birthday as a theme. Since all kids celebrate their birthday with funny pics , give your own youngster a big party (and cater to the kid, not the other kids, OK?) If you don’t know the kid’s personality well, or even the child’s name, think of an idea that will make them happy.
Instead of going with something abstract, make it a fun party, as your child will enjoy the birthday presents. A birthday cake for kids is always a must, and it will also keep them entertained for hours. Don’t worry about things like nap time; it is not about losing a part of your baby’s birthday. Just make sure to keep them entertained while you make their cake, and then after their nap time, sit them down for dinner. You can even ask your friends to help you in serving the guests.
Give them something to drink, and make sure the cake has the kid’s name on it. Yes, you can make sure that every single one of the kids can eat their cake on their own. Have their dinner early, and serve cake while they play around before their bed time. This way, the birthday kid is the best host for all the guests and they enjoy a fun and interesting party.
Same For Dinner
When the birthday child is busy playing and eating, it is easy to serve dinner early. Kids love eating what you serve them. Put a little effort into planning dinner, and give the birthday kid a fun dinner.
Of course, you can also serve dinner early and have everyone sit down for dinner at 6:00 pm. The kids can eat a little bit later, after their dinner is already served. If they get up later than you expected, it’s okay to serve them a little snack or something to drink before their bed time.

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