Freshdesk Project Management vs Box Project Management: Choose the best PM Software

A cloud-based customer service platform is called Freshdesk. It enables companies of all sizes to provide excellent customer care. Requests received by email, web, phone, chat, and social media are converted into tickets by Freshdesk Project Management. This also unifies ticket resolution across platforms. To remain on top of everything customer support-related, Freshdesk also enables you to automate workflows. And offer self-service, manage SLAs, and measure KPIs. Additionally, Freshdesk provides pre-built tools like field service management, a chatbot driven by AI, and predictive assistance. Box offers you a solitary, safe platform for controlling the whole lifespan of your content. Everything is up for discussion, including the creation and sharing of files, co-editing, and signatures, classification and retention. The Box Content Cloud is there to assist you at every stage. The 100K+ top companies worldwide, including AstraZeneca, JLL, and Nationwide, trust Box, which has been recognized as a Leader by all significant industry analyst companies.

Freshdesk Key Features


Improved departmental coordination will speed up the settlement of client issues. Linked tickets will be used to track extensive problems, and team meetings with subject matter experts will be held regularly.


Your support communications are converted into tickets by Freshdesk. You may follow for prompt assistance. Additionally, you can connect forum topics to tickets and vice versa. This enables you to produce answers and replies that are more simplified. Older project management software and well-known applications like YouTube, Google Apps, and Slideshare are easily integrated with Freshdesk. For iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone, it provides mobile apps.

Ticketing System

You may quickly and precisely classify tickets and allocate them to the appropriate agent for prompt resolution. Your ticketing system can be automated to guarantee that all tickets are given the proper priority and assignment.

Freshdesk PricingĀ 

There must be at least 10 agents in the strategy. This package costs $15 a month for each agent. It provides helpdesk reports, automation capabilities, and integration with up to 1,000 applications. In addition to the features of the Free plan. For this bundle, each agent pays a monthly fee of $49. It permits 5,000 collaborators, round-robin routing, and customizable roles in addition to the Growth Plan capabilities. Subscribers to the Freshdesk Pro Plan can also create unique dashboards and reports. Each month, each agent pays $79 for this package. It offers all of the Pro Plan’s features and a few extras. This includes email and assistance bots, custom objects, and agent shift management.

Freshdesk Demo

You can schedule a Freshdesk live demo if you’d like to find out more about this product. The capabilities of this software will also be covered by Freshdesk representatives.

Freshdesk Reviews

GetApp gives Freshdesk a rating of 4.5/5. Users believe Freshdesk’s user interface to be easy and speedy. They enjoy the pre-written responses since they save time. Some people think that building their own “view” takes too much time and that it would be better to use template views.

Box Project Management Software

File-sharing service Box offers customers a way to collaborate across any device. With Box Project Management, users across corporate divisions can manage and exchange files with ease. You can work on your documents and collaborate with your team or clients wherever, wherever, and under secure conditions with Box, which is used by more than 50,000 enterprises globally, including well-known names like Gap, Pandora, and GE. The platform provides you with adjustable encryption and features like security logs.

Box Software Key Features

Project Management

Your project management procedures could be enhanced with Box. You can have a safe location to access all of your files in the most recent versions by placing them all in a single project folder. You can also examine the schedules for your projects and other requirements. Real-time team collaboration can be accomplished with the Box Note function. This enables you to look up any file quickly, and keep track of your project schedules, notes, and other things like that. You may automate straightforward procedures like approvals with Box as well. You can track your versions, and your feedback is now consolidated.


You can set up privileges and permissions on the Box platform. You can specify which clients, divisions, or people to grant access to particular files or folders. You can set up a security layer using this to keep your sensitive data secret and secure. Box also gives you access statistics, such as the frequency and timing of user viewing of your files.

External Sharing

On the Box platform, you may configure rights and restrictions. Access to particular files or folders might be restricted to specific clients, departments, or individuals. This can be used to create a security layer that protects and keeps your sensitive data private and secure. Additionally, Box provides you with access data, including the frequency and time of user viewing of your files.

Box Pricing

This bundle costs $20 a month for each user. A minimum of three persons must sign up for this package. Collaboration tools, limitless storage, and technical support during business hours are all included in the Work Plan. Each user of this plan pays $33 per month. It contains all the elements found in the Business Plan. Each user on this plan pays $47 per month. All of the features included in the Business Plus Plan are present in this plan. Each company’s fee for this bundle is individually tailored by the Box sales team. Other features like Box Sheild, Box Sign, Box Governance, and Box Shuttle are also included.

Box Demo

You can learn more about the software’s capabilities by viewing the Box demo. It helps you decide if Box is a good fit for your business.

Box Reviews

Reviews of the Box program state that it is a secure portal for managing files. It has helped users by eliminating the need for local copies of papers. Additionally, users comment on how easy it is to use. It can, however, take some getting used to due to its complex features.

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