Exciting Activities to Do in Indonesia

Vacation is the best solution to rest from work and daily activities. As a destination, Indonesia offers a variety of exciting tourist spots. So it’s no wonder many tourists exchange their money with Indonesian rupiah for a vacation there. Bali islands is one of foreigners’s favorite island of Indonesia. A lot of options to stay in Bali resorts.

Many tourist objects can be visited while on vacation in Indonesia. From natural tourism, education, and history to culture. In addition, various other activities can be done while on vacation.

Activities You Can Do While on Vacation in Indonesia


Indonesia has a variety of tourist attractions that are suitable as holiday destinations for families.bali islands Every place has its charms and fun activities to do. Here are activities that can be done while on vacation in Indonesia.

  1. Visit a Nature Reserves

This activity can be the best choice when you want to take your family on vacation. By visiting nature reserves, children can see and learn about the diversity of flora and fauna in Indonesia.

In addition to nature reserves, they are also used as protected habitats to prevent extinction. Even though it is protected, the nature reserve can also be visited for sightseeing and Indonesia has a lot of nature reserves to visit.

  1. Maritime Tourism

Maritime tourism can be one of the fun activities to do in Indonesia. This activity consists of recreation and traveling to the beach, sea or islands in Indonesia.

As a maritime country, Indonesia is known to have many beaches with stunning views. Until now, beaches in various regions have become the leading destinations for tourists. The beauty of white sand and clear sea water is the main attraction of beaches in Indonesia.

  1. Recreation to the Tourism Villages

Indonesia is known for its natural tourist objects and has various tourist villages in each region. In this tourist village, tourists can see firsthand the natural conditions around the village, which are still naturally beautiful.

In addition, tourists can also interact and participate in activities with local residents. So these activities can be used to introduce Indonesian customs and culture. Various souvenirs and food can be purchased from tourist villages.

  1. Cultural Tourism

Indonesia is known to have a unique and diverse culture that became the main attractions for foreign tourists. Therefore, cultural tourism which adds insight of the habits and customs of local residents is one of the recommended activities in Indonesia.

Various cultural tourist attractions are always crowded with tourists. Generally, these tourist attractions have affordable ticket prices because they are managed by the tourism agency. So now, they attract many people to travel to these cultural places.

The many tourist objects in Indonesia will make your holiday activities even more exciting. Many activities can be done while on vacation. So your vacation time becomes more fun and memorable.

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