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Automakers spend a lot of time perfecting suspensions because they are critical to performance and ride comfort. Basically, they reduce the impact of uneven roads such as potholes and potholes on the vehicle for a more comfortable ride. Electric Scooters should also be discontinued for the same reasons. Suspension is very important for a comfortable riding experience and is the hallmark of a good scooter. Suspension, like the electric scooter’s Isinwheel, absorbs shocks and vibrations, keeping you comfortable and in control while moving.

Suspension parts for electric scooters;

Load; This part lifts the suspension and keeps it at maximum travel, so your scooter is always balanced.

spiral or spring; Smoothest the road with up and down motions to compensate for bumps in the road while driving. The springs prevent blisters, support the weight and direct the impact when jumping. The spring also determines the ride height.

shock absorbers; They control the movement of the coils or springs to match the wheels of your electric scooter.

It has straps that reduce the impact of bumps when you go through holes or depressions.

The suspension of an electric scooter like the Isinwheel works with tubeless tires and increases ride comfort whether you’re bumpy or bumpy.

Front or rear suspension;

Your scooter may have single or double suspension, but you’ll probably want both. An electric scooter, like the Isinwheel, has front and rear suspension. With Isinwheel road-ready, wide-profile tubeless road tires and front and rear suspension with C-type shock absorbers, the Isinwheel is unmatched in terms of stability and comfort. Comfort and convenience even when driving on uneven and smooth roads. The Mantis 8’s rigid aluminum alloy frame, wide road tires and front and rear suspension work well together to provide a comfortable, composed ride.

Electric scooter suspension types;

spring hangover;

A spring suspension system uses a spring that moves up and down to absorb bumps in the road. It tries to maintain the rider’s center of gravity and comfort by pressing them on climbs or jumps, especially when going through obstacles. Dual suspension front and rear is the most common dual suspension system for scooters.

hydraulic suspension;

Hydraulic suspension systems are usually more efficient and faster than others. This system uses a hydraulic motor that fills with fluid when the electric scooter drives over obstacles. The parts attached in this way can rebound and keep the wheels on the ground, preventing a hard impact when the wheel falls.


It uses soft and flexible rubber. Rubber is lighter and more flexible; reduces noise and improves stability with less maintenance.

Why do you need suspension for your electric scooter?

The reason your electric scooter needs suspension is because the road is rough. If all road surfaces are very flat, electric two-wheel suspension is not necessary. Improves ride comfort when driving on bumpy, bumpy or wet roads. Since most roads are confusing, hanging on to your scooter helps make the ride easier. Better handling means you have more control of your scooter and smarter maneuvers when you hit something.

The shock absorbers and wide wheels of the Isinwheel Scooter absorb shock and prevent quick and unexpected turns. So you can safely accelerate, brake and corner. The C-spring suspension prevents direct impact on the scooter frame and keeps it stable. If you often ride uneven roads, the suspension will wear out faster, but the scooter frame will last longer.

Scooter suspension adjustment and maintenance;

If you use your Isinwheel Electric Scooter for Adults a lot, the suspension is empty. Tighten the screws to the correct torque and check that everything works as expected. If the screws are too tight, it will be too tight for the hanging parts. If you are about to lose your balance in a corner or on rough terrain, the suspension is too weak.

If you want to extend your suspension, you need to protect it. Basic tips include regularly tightening the bolts and lubricating the suspension system. If the binding persists, the problem may be with the spring and you should take the electric scooter to an authorized service center.

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