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The people in your life will want to celebrate and honor you in death. They will remember you and your legacy, provide support to one another, and gather together. Whether you want to a big fuss or not on your final arrangement, the reality is that someone needs to make plans for your funeral. With the After me app, you could be that person. 


In a typical burial, people need to make decisions within a short period. For example, there is only a week or so between death and burial. The memorial service will take place first before the burial process. This means your family has to plan and prepare for your final tribute in a short amount of time. Burial is a good option unless you have other friends and relatives who need to travel for the services. However, in these modern times, almost anything is possible, including planning for your memorial, cremation, and funeral ahead of time. Planning in advance capture your final wishes ensures that they are recorded. In a time of your death in the future, your loved ones will be shocked, grief-stricken, and distraught. Even making simple decisions such as the color of the flowers or what to wear to the funeral can be hard enough for them, much less planning and organizing a funeral service dedicate to you.

You probably experienced this many times in your life when you felt a weight lift off your shoulders after completing a project. The same applies when you finally get started planning your funeral wishes. Besides bringing you peace of mind, it also brings comfort to your family members, knowing that they do not have to deal with difficult decisions during this worst moment.

Statement of Desires

You can go and wish to write the “Statement of Desires and Location of Property and Documents”. This document is not a legally-binding document but it can help in assisting your spouse or your family in getting information.

You will want to include in your last will the list of assets and where to find them, the list of insurance policies, and the contact information of the company. 

There are other legal documents that are also helpful in end-of-life planning, including a living will, a living trust, and a last will and testament.

At the time of grief and loss, the last thing people want is too long hours and days at a funeral home and other locations making final arrangements. If you plan ahead your final wishes and set things in place, this gives more time for your family to spend more time together, giving support, love, and comfort to one another. At a time of death, people need them the most. Inheritance planning to date has only 2% of all the people creating them. This advanced decision can be a great help in avoiding many things.

These would avoid family disputes and misunderstandings, improper or wrong asset allocation, unclaimed assets, and bank accounts, improper information sharing, and confusion even up to the day of your funeral. The benefits of this pre-planning are to be able to prepare the text or the video well ahead of time with no pressure. You can also prepare the sending messages to loved ones, share bank accounts, and passwords, and even do funeral planning.

So, many people have no idea how to organize funeral arrangements. When they are called upon to plan a funeral for the first time, they often end up with an extremely expensive funeral because they were not able to keep the costs from ballooning. However, if your loved ones know about your wishes through the After me app, they can avoid unnecessary spending and save money significantly. 

When making your financial and legal decisions, it is best to consult with an estate planning lawyer or a financial adviser. You last will normally have most of these decisions, but you may still indicate your requests in the After me platform or document. Consider adding the location of your assets as well as the location of your will. Also, include any plans you want with regard to the costs of your funeral.

There are a variety of options to choose from for your memorial service. Losing a family member and then planning a memorial service for them can be tough. For this, when you create a list of wishes, the process becomes easier for your family. You may contact a funeral director to understand the different options available. Decide if you want to be cremated or buried. For your funeral arrangements, indicate if you want a specific plot or cemetery you would like to lay in. If you prefer to be cremated, explain to who you want to keep your ashes, or if there is a location you want them to scatter your ashes. 

Specify what you want to include in your memorial service and where you want it to be held. If you want a specific person to know about your final wishes, then make it known to that person. The after me app also allows you to include your specific readings or prayers. You can include anything you want in your celebration of life. Other considerations you may have been if there are specific wishes for a casket, urn, or gravestone and engravings. You can also set aside funds to cover the cost of any funeral expenses to assist the family with finances ahead of time.

When it comes to memorial services, there are many decisions to consider such as the type of memorial, the place it will be held, and what you may want to be included in the service. The important thing, however, is that you are the one who outlines your various requests in helping you start the process of planning for end-of-life circumstances.

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