Brother HL L2305W Mono Laser- A Review

Are you looking for a reliable, affordable mono laser (Black and white) printer that you can use at home, at work, or for your small business? You might consider the Brother HL 2305W.

This sturdy little printer currently costs around $95-100. It is a great deal and should last for many years.

We recommend that buyers research the availability and cost of cartridges for printers before purchasing them.

Modern Brother laser printers cannot use toners that have a yield greater than 1,000 pages. This printer is not recommended if you print a lot.

This printer is a great choice as it uses 2,600 pages of toner. We also have a Brother TNL 2350 High Yield Toner that can print 5,200 pages. The Brother HL L2305W printer is very affordable to run. Users will not notice any differences in the quality of their prints using our Premium toners.

Specifications for Brother HL-2305W

Price: Between $90 and $105

Consumables: Brother, TN 2350 Toner (2600 pages), TN2330 (1200 pages), Drum Unit – DR 2325 (up to 12,000 pages), 

Consumables: Brother, TN 2350 Toner (2600 pages), TN2330 (1,200 pages), Consumables – Drum Unit: Dr 2325

Memory: 32Mb

Print Speed: Max 23 pages per minute

Warm-up time: Less Than 9 Seconds from sleep mode

Paper Capacity: 250 sheets A4

Software Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Windows Server: 2102. 2008 and 2003. Mac OS X 10.7.5. Or higher, Linux Cups. LPD/LPRng.

Connectivity: Full Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct Capabilities.

Mobile Printing and Web Printing: iPrintScan and Mopria

Size: 356 (W) x 360 (D) x 183(H)mm, Weigh – 5.7kgs

Why Should You Buy The Brother L2305w Printer?

We’ve looked at the specs of this printer. Now, why do I recommend it? 


First, the printer’s physical dimensions are small enough that it can be used on a desk without being a large, bulky machine.


Second, Brother laser printers are reliable. They will last at least two years without any problems. These basic mono lasers are easy to use.

Another plus is that the printer is extremely affordable to operate, provided that you use generic toner cartridges. I must stress that generic toner quality can vary greatly, and you may have problems if you don’t use high-quality toner from a trusted supplier.

This printer was purchased in our office at Ink Hub to print on our eParcel labels. This printer was chosen for its ability to heat-bake the toner powder onto paper. The labels will not smudge, run or smear if they get wet.

Why not buy the Brother L2305W Printer?

This printer has very few faults, but it does have some limitations. It won’t print in colour, hence the “Mono Laser” name. This printer does not have a multi-function printer, so it can’t scan and copy documents.


This printer is less affordable if you don’t want to use non-original toner and drums. Low-quality generic toners can leak and eventually contaminate the drum unit, resulting in poor-quality prints or a greyish background.

Cheap generic toners often remanufacture genuine toners and don’t always replace wiper blades and other parts. This is a common problem. This causes a poor printout or inability to clean excess toner from the wiper blade. 

This can lead to drum and roller contamination. And this will happen if you use a low-grade, cheap toner. I can promise it. You can read more about compatible printer toners for Brother Printers.

Final thoughts about this printer

This printer is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable, inexpensive printer that prints a lot of documents quickly and uses non-original consumables.


This printer is great for reliability, cost-effective printing, and its physical size. Over the years, we have used many Brother mono laser printers in my office and I can vouch for their reliability. 

They can be used to print invoices, labels, or any other black-and-white documents, even if they are in direct contact with moisture.


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