Advice That Will Spice Up Your Relationship

No matter where you’re in your relationshipit’s difficult to let someone know how you’re feeling , especially if you feel horny. Even though technology has made communication much easier between two people, sexting can be awkward if you’re not experienced with it. Similar to having sex the first time, it takes some preparation and communication. We are currently in a pandemicThis means that couples are pressured to stay together and those who have been having to face additional challenges (like when you are able to have physical dates). If sexting is something that you are considering, how do you start?

How do you begin sexting?

The simple answer is Consent. Consent. Consent is crucial. It requires constant communication. It demands constant communicationSociety programmed people to believe that if a woman sent you a shocking naked picture of her, then you ought to be thankfulBut consent is a two-way process.

A heads-up is an excellent way to avoid awkward situations. What happens if you send someone a rude text while they are showing their hilariousa phone video, ‘di ban? This puts the person in a precarious position and you weren’t averse to let that person view what you’ve sent. Talk about sexting casually in the event that you’ve not had a discussion about it prior to. Once your terms are established the next step is to give them a ~heads-up~ by telling them something that’s semi-safe, like “Bored ako. What would you do for me if we were to be together?

Not sure what to say? Here are some alternatives to attempt sexting:

  1. Consider Physical. You can’t physically be in the same room right now, and you’re looking to recreate the experience. It could be something along the lines of “I’m somewhat cold right now. I’d love to have you there to keep me warm.” or “Remember the time we had a good time the last time we watched a movie at natin?” “I cannot wait to see that happen again.”

  2. Share your fantasies. Ask them about their sexual desires. It’s also a means to inform your partner that they’re free to let their imaginations be free and that you’re open to exploring each other’s kinks.

  3. Rely on pop culture. This one’s for when you’re truly mahiyain and can’t get yourself to speak what you would like to say (yet): You can use the term “hot scene” to refer to an episode from a show or movie. There’s probably at least one scene that you can recall in your head. You might say, “Does anyone remember the single episode from …?”?” Or, do you want to rewatch together?” LOL! They’ll be able to understand where you’re taking this.

  4. You can request a photo. Send me a picture of you right now. If you’ve already signed up to this, the urgency with needing to “see” someone right away can be be a huge turn-on. The question now is, if you’ve never taken or sent a sexy pic How do you get the perfect pic?

How do you capture an image of a thirst trap?

If–and only if–you’re comfortable snap an intimate photo and then sending it to someone else, it really boils down on the lighting and the angle. I don’t know about yours, but I usually don’t like getting photos with a sexy sexuality taking up three-fourths of the frame. call that an opportunity missed. By now, you probably already know your angles . depending on how much you want to ~show~ in your pic it is possible to go with the ever-dependable natural light, or play with shadows to tease your partner.

An important reminder:

Technology, however wonderful it is, has its drawbacks. Many users lose their mobiles or get their accounts compromised. Many have experienced having their–and many of the culprits were people they trusted. Think about these scenarios when you talk to your partner about the boundaries for sexting you want to set. These risks could even impact the type of photos you feel comfortable sharing and sharing. It’s all about coming together to make an educated decision.

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