5 Go-to Steps to Use WordPress Themes for My Blogger Blog

Themes attain power that keeps the user away from picking the domain. The reason behind it is, people say “Jack of all trades, master of none”. People assume widespread work is done by the theme and they are left with nothing to work on.

The assumptions are not always correct in life. Hence proved that themes do help to bring up the website by wrapping it up creatively. WordPress contains such themes that will wrap the website with excellence.

Below is the 5-recommended theme overview to select and buy wordpress themes that work for your blog appropriately:

1 – Flash

Flash is a completely responsive WordPress theme packed with features to create elegant blogs. This free theme combines both premium and professional design elements. The topic also comes with a built-in Flash Toolkit plugin that makes the topic easier to use and lighter. In addition, there are 11 individual widgets available for a particular design in the plugin.


  • Completely responsive
  • Page Builder compatibility for Flash Toolkit
  • Layouts of several blogs
  • Several headers
  • Compatible with WooCommerce.

2 – Suffice

You will find the response to Suffice if you desire a basic yet extremely strong WordPress blog subject. This is a free theme from the WordPress tool kit and integration of the SiteOrigin page. The Suffice Toolkit has several custom widgets. As a manufacturer, they can simply be transferred, fused, and built.

Pages, articles, and other sections may also be generated in the topic field of your website by placing them in various widget areas.


  • WP & Drop WP theme completely customisable
  • Extremely responsive design
  • Support for Live Customer
  • Import demo with one click
  • Compatible with WooCommerce.

3 – spacious

Spacious is one of WordPress’ finest free themes – with over 60,000 active blogging systems. The template has a promising style and strong features that allow attractive websites to be easily developed.

It is a multi-topic theme for different websites: company, portfolio, blogs, company, landing page, etc. The theme is integrated deeply with the WooCommerce plugin which makes creating an online store quick and straightforward.


  • Most adaptable and usable
  • Gorgeous template for company
  • 5+ great personalized widgets
  • Support for Live Customer
  • Comprehensive colour control

4 – Hestia

Hestia is a potential theme for WordPress blogs with an integrated customer. It may be used for the creation of many sorts of websites such as corporations, portfolios, e-commerce, etc. In addition, the theme is completely compatible with WooCommerce, thus it is well suited to the creation of current online shops.

The theme interacts profoundly with the famous website plugin SiteOrigin. It enables you to rapidly and simply construct high-quality landing pages.


  • Spectacular design based on several different materials
  • The subject of SEO
  • Suitable for all major WP plugins
  • Megamenu

5 – Newspaper

The top-notch wordpress theme is Newspaper. The blog pages shown on the template may be broken down into categories and make it simpler for visitors to obtain the information of interest by using a creative interface for each navigation process.

You must not just pick the appropriate words to produce a captivating article but also art them accordingly.


  • Blog Themes Wide range
  • Integrated into the page building tool tagDiv Composer
  • Unique multiple mail templates
  • Smart sidebars multiple
  • Specific widgets

The WordPress theme installed on your site is good for you and enjoy having it on your WordPress blog, and if you switch to Blogger you cannot bear to leave with it. Instead, a file of cascading Stylesheets checks the look and feel of the site, as opposed to WordPress, which does not allow the blogger access to a few files that make up your template. You may import your Blogger WordPress theme and adjust the Blogger CSS style if required.

To import theme, you need to follow the required small steps

Step #1

Login and browse to the dashboard of your WordPress website. Click the “Editor” and scroll down to the “Appearance” window. Select “.CSS style.” Drag your cursor across the whole sheet, right-click and choose “Copy” from the popup menu.

Step #2

Log in to Blogger and under the blog name, click “Design” to maintain a WordPress theme. Click on ‘HTML editing.’

Step #3

Scroll down to the point in the document that demarcates the HTML header from the CSS style sheet and looks like this:

/ Templates/template-twocol.html / Use this

Right-click and pick “Coller” to fit in the sheet style WordPress.

Step #4

Drag your cursor across the whole text below the end of the WordPress style sheet you just inserted and click “Delete.” Alternatively, if you wish to preserve this text, you can right-click and select “Cut.” Store the document on your computer and paste it into the text documents.

Step #5

Examine your blog Blogger in a new tab or window to see the Blogger’s style characteristics.

To call it a day, this can also go sideways as you can’t be very sure of any solutions deeply. It might go right ways or sideways to know that you have to try it. A solution that works for others doesn’t every time works for everyone around facing it. The probability is imbalanced. If it goes right then call it a day!

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