11 Ways To Optimise Google My Business For Higher Ranking

As business personnel, Marketing is not a new term you come across for the first time. However, since the introduction of the internet, marketing has become more complex and has gone beyond geographical boundaries.

Today, we are a part of a customer-driven economy where customers are primarily responsible for adapting a model in the business ecosystem. Knowing about customers, competitors, and their needs are part of every discussion that caters for business growth.

Every business house in the world aims for the highest possible reach, for which building a splendid and well rounded online presence has become the first step to enhance business growth. Gaining fame on the internet and not including Google searches in the discussion is simply not possible. You can use several site audit tools for the website.

Google will always remain a top priority for customers. It helps in searching for products or services they would like to buy.

Google My Business: A Free Tool That Can Skyrocket your sales

Google My Business or GMB (Called by most digital Geeks) offers the opportunity to set up a free business profile that can allow businesses to put their products and services in the limelight. GMB displays a plethora of business information such as an address, working hours, reviews, categories, and several other aspects.

Today, 7 out of 10 customers purchase from a business they found on Google. For boosting local sales and Search Engine Optimisation Services, Google Search is synchronised with maps and functions as oxygen.

Any organisation can create a business listing within a few steps and go through the verification process to make the most of its online presence. Optimising Google My Business becomes imperative to extract maximum juice from Google My Business Platform.

Let’s discuss the 11 best ways to optimise your Google My Business listing that every SEO company Perth around the world recommends that can multiply your engagement and obviously, your sales.

1. Creating a Google My Business Account

Google My Business listing is a separate entity from Google My Business Account as it is used to get access and optimise the profile. Creating a Google My Business Account by signing in with a Gmail account can let Google know to connect it with your profile.

2. Completing All the sections by filling out every information regarding business

The next step after creating an account is completing every single detail correctly.

  • Name
  • Profile Picture (LOGO)
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Business category
  • Products and Services
  • Questions and Answers
  • Website Link
  • Reviews
  • Opening and Closing hours

3. Being Diligent with Contact Details

Clear information will help in reaching your customers faster; hence, it is essential to fill in complete details:

GMB business name and store signage name should be the same. For the ones who don’t have a physical store, the business name should match as per the card or website.

Pro Tip: Including Keywords or location as a business name is a spam which can result in penalties.

The business name and address should match with listings made across the web.

Mentioning the work and holiday hours makes a positive impression on customers as they are already informed about the working hours.

4. Writing a complete Business Description

Editing or controlling the brief overview appearing below the business name is not in hands of the user. Google do it itself to maintain consistency across the platform.

There is no doubt that Google will play its part well in writing descriptions. For users, a user has complete control over writing and editing “From The Business Section”:

  • 750 Characters (Include important information in first 250 Characters)
  • Use Primary Keywords
  • Do not repeat other sections’ information
  • Do not include links or HTML

5. Choosing Category

Choosing primary and secondary categories will help in optimising the business listing and help in searching your business. Google offers numerous categories you can select as an owner as per their business.

6. Choosing Relevant Attributes

Post Choosing Category, Google will provide a list of attributes to help the customers in delving deep into the business. The Attributes serve as attractive features and offers which promotes business and sets you apart from the crowd of competition within your niche.

7. Collecting Reviews

We still live in a society where people trusts other people more than companies. Reviews can boost the Google ranking of your organisation as it is among one of Google’s key ranking factors. A Positive review has enormous power of persuasion that can let people come towards business in more numbers.

You can also use User Generated Content (UGC) like reviews, comments, testimonials, etc. in marketing campaigns.

Pro Tip: For most of the Google Searches, The 1st three local results are the ones that have numerous positive reviews and ratings.

8. Creating Posts for the Google Business Profile

Creating Posts showcases the active behaviour of the organisation towards their business which enhances its searchability, making it more visible to customers. Posts created on GMB display at the bottom of the Business profile of your Dashboard.

Pro Tip: Post regular GMB posts as it expires within 7 days.

9. Asking and Answering Questions

Questions and Answers give more and profound understanding to the customer by solving their doubts and queries. You can utilise this segment to provide the best picture of your business to potential customers by adding keywords in the questions and answers.

10. Adding Products and Services

Adding the products and services enhances the searches and improves the offerings if they are not justified in a business name. You can include the information that will appear when the user clicks on the product like the product’s name, description, and price.

11. Setting up Messaging

Most people use the internet from their smartphones and the numbers are constantly increasing. Setting up Messaging functionality offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with businesses by letting you send a message from the contact number directly through the business listing.


Google My Business is one of the most prominent tasks that need to be performed regularly for organisations. Many businesses find themselves puzzled in completing all the GMB tasks that restrict them from their core activities. If you are settled in Australia, taking the assistance of digital marketing Perth agency will make sure that your profile is updated and rankings are improved consistently. Apart from digital marketing, an online marketing agency can also help in other aspects such as web development services which are also an important part of setting up an online venture. There are many profile creation backlinks websites you can check out and increase your website’s authority.

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