10 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Running A Marketing Agency

Agency to manage social media and content marketing Companies are firing agencies all the time. An agency’s role is to promote brands and build relationships with clients. They also have to drive sales and results. It’s not an easy task. It is not an easy task.

You probably have some knowledge about marketing services for clients if you run a marketing agency. With the rapid pace of digital transformation, new trends, and other factors constantly changing, it’s easy to make mistakes when choosing the right mix of digital marketing services.

This checklist will help you avoid common mistakes made by agencies when offering digital services such as Design and Build for websites or mobile, PPC, Search, or any other paid, owned, or earned media.

This guide outlines the most common mistakes that marketing agencies make when offering digital services. This guide also provides insight from leading marketing agency leaders, so that your agency can avoid these common mistakes.

Agency consultant Mark Kelly has created a free download on Agency Digital Services Mistakes for Expert members. These mistakes” are based upon common problems Mark has seen with agencies in the way they position and manage their digital marketing services. Here is a summary. This guide contains more information on how to avoid making these mistakes and tips from agency owners about the mistakes they’ve made.

These mistakes” are based upon common problems I’ve seen with marketing agencies‘ management of the integration of digital marketing services. This is a summary. The full guide contains more information on how to avoid them, as well as tips from agency owners about the mistakes they made.

1. You Can Start Offering All Digital Services Immediately Without Having To Have A Plan

It takes time to build the skills necessary to provide high-quality digital marketing services. You could end up being a jack of all trades and be regarded as a master of none.

2. We Have A “We Could Always Outsource It” Mentality.

It is important to understand that outsourcing digital marketing services can be a significant burden for you and your clients. You must have a basic understanding of the work of your external partner. To act as a conduit, you must have the right process and knowledge.

3. Uncertain How To Price Different Digital Marketing Services

It is important to ensure that all aspects of an activity that you do for a client are documented and that you don’t ‘give away the thinking’ when you rush to get design or production work. This is a mistake that many new agencies make, but one that the big players avoid.

4. A Menu Of Services That Offer No Clear Value Proposition

It is important to know what differentiates you from your competitors. This is why you shouldn’t offer SEO services or Social Media Marketing services. There are thousands of agencies that provide the same services. Your resources will be directed to your niche, rather than promoting your value proposition.

5. Think Of Social Media As An Easy Win.

Social media strategy creation is not an easy task. The intern will not generate any ROI and could end up costing you dearly if the client chooses to move elsewhere.

6. The Pursuit Of The Money

Agencies often fall for the trap of accepting any type of digital work regardless if it is a good match for their skills, experience, and/or value proposition. It is tempting to abandon your industry niche or stated proposition. You could end up lowering your offer elsewhere if you do this.

7. Not Having Client Services

Your agency may have been successful as a digital or other specialist agency, with the ‘doers’ working directly with clients. You’ll need to consider bringing in exceptional client service/account handling staff once you have expanded your offerings and/or started to attract clients.

8. Not Having A Project Manager Function

While many skills are similar, Project Managers stand out from Account Handlers. A dedicated Project Manager is needed when you begin to handle complex, multi-stakeholder web projects or digital production work.

9. Believe That You Will Succeed As A Platform/Product Expert

It doesn’t mean you should not be a WordPress agency or HubSpot partner. This could be a great decision for your Agency. However, there are pros and cons to being a ‘badged service provider. Your agency will not earn instant revenue by signing up for a vendor product.

10. You Can Pitch Your New Services With No Plan

You run the risk of compromising your brand and promising things that aren’t possible if you don’t plan well when you offer your new services. It can put the client’s long-term relationship in danger. This is not a mistake you should make.

The above-mentioned are some mistakes to avoid while making marketing agency videos

Hope they might help!


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